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Importance of Decorating Your Home with Houseplants

The use of houseplants is increasing in modern day homes. Although preferred by homeowners mainly due to the aesthetic appeal it brings to the house, there are also a number of other attributes that is attached to a houseplant. Surprisingly however, most of the homeowners who use houseplants to decorate the rooms of their houses are not fully aware of the extent a houseplant can be beneficial.

Having being taken interest not only in the “beautifying factor” of a décor used to embellish the look and feel of a home, I have always felt it is important to look deeper to know every aspect that particular décor has to present. In this respect, a houseplant offers numerous health benefits which the homeowner can enjoy. Some of the most common ones are:

#1. Increases Humidity and Decreases Dust:

A houseplant is known to increase the level of humidity in the room it is placed in, and moreover is effective in keeping the air clean by removing dust particles. As a result, it has been seen that houseplants can reduce cold-related problems by more than 30%.

#2. Less chances of Headaches:

We breathe the same air again and again which is trapped inside a room. This makes us inhale pollutants like VOCs which cause headaches and nausea. Keeping a houseplant in the room purifies the air of these harmful pollutants.

#3. Reduces Stress and makes you Happy:

Taking care of a houseplant and watching it grow can act as a great anti-depressant. This eventually can help you be calmer and have an optimistic approach towards life. As a result, it can help you attain a lower blood pressure.

#4. Medicinal Qualities:

Houseplants take in carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis, and helps in providing fresh oxygen. Moreover, the juice of houseplants like Aloe Vera is highly effective in improving digestion, healing wounds and pain relief.

#5. Herbs as Houseplants:

There are various herbs which can be grown as houseplants. Herbs like mint, chives, thyme, rosemary and oregano are easy to indoors. This means that you can not only use them to make your house more visually appealing but also use them to make your food fresh and tastier.

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