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Immaculate Garage: Four Organization Tactics for Your Garage

There are many people who are otherwise completely well-organized who start to shiver and shake when it comes to the garage. The issue is that although it is an important area of your house, your garage is a place that you do not look at frequently throughout the day like a bedroom, a bathroom or a kitchen. It’s very easy for a garage to get cluttered and messy, so take a moment to consider how you can bust that mess!

Immaculate Garage, Four Organization Tactics for Your Garage
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Hang It Up

One great way to get your gardening tools and your building equipment out of the shelving and off the floor is to simply hang it up. There is nothing easier than hanging a panel of pegboard up on one of the walls of your garage and purchasing some hooks to hang on it. From these hooks, you can hang shears, hammers, wrenches and just about anything else that you can think of. If it’s light enough to hang, do so.

Close It Up

One reason why garages look quite cluttered is because there are so many small items that are hard to organize. For example, paint is a big problem, especially if you have several cans to stash. Think about purchasing a small cabinet and using it to store things like paint cans, cleansers and stains. Do yourself a big favor and make sure that these containers are clean before you store them. Having a door to close makes things look a lot tidier than using open shelving.

Storage Units Help

When you think about it, there are a lot of seasonal items in your garage. In the summer, you don’t need your snow blower, and in the winter, you don’t need your lawn mower. Think about saving space in your garage by renting a storage unit like Storage Fishers in IN or one in your locale. Make sure that you choose one with a great security system, and always be willing to comparison shop. A great storage unit helps you get more space all year round.

Clean Regularly

No one likes to do this, but a garage really does need more than a yearly clean. Lots of people are great at doing a huge clean once a year, but if you are willing to tidy your garage the way you do your living room or your kitchen, things go much better. Sweep, make sure everything gets put back where it belongs and do periodic inspections to make sure that everything is in good shape.

A little bit of diligence in the garage goes a long way, so consider how to keep your garage in great shape!

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