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Ideas to style up the driveway

Are you planning to rev up your driveway? If yes, then here are few possible suggestions. Take a look.

If you want to give your house distinct style then stone driveways should be your ideal choice. Stone driveways have the potential to convert an ordinary space visually appealing. Before you start with stone driveways, you need to choose an appropriate stone. Make sure that you consider the style of your house while selecting the stone.

For instance, if you have a modern house, then the best stone to go with is flagstones. These stones of different colors will give your house an interesting appeal. It will inevitably add colors to your house.

If you have a traditionally styled house, opt for cobblestones. These stones will add to the traditional look and complement it perfectly.
In case you have a straight road, then you can opt for a tree tunnel in front of your house. Tree tunnel is perfect to add a bit drama to your house. All you need to do is to plant trees on either side of the driveway. Just remember to have adequate space among the trees. There should not be less space for future branches to grow up.

If you want to give your house a soft feminine touch, then choose maple, oak and birch. They will grow to form a tunnel of branches and leaves.
If you want a more formal look, then opt for cypress or evergreen trees in your driveway. Just make sure that you plant the trees in equal distance.
Tip: many homeowners want low maintenance plants. In such a case, opt for trees that do not require much fertilizer.

You can add some mystery to your house entrance with lush landscaping. This type of landscaping will create the look of a hidden garden spot that the driveway is leading to. You just need to be sure that you plant thick foliage plants properly. Again, these plants should be of different heights. You can frame the entrance of your house with tall trees and bushes. You can also cover the ground with leaves ad blooms.

For creating a contrast with green plants, use boulders. This will also add texture to the driveway.

Concrete and paver driveways are quite common among several homes. If you also have one, then you can decorate it with Paint. Wonder how? Let’s see here:

First, you have to measure the entire driveway. This will give you an idea about the painting supplies you need.
Use a degreaser first and clean water later for the pressure wash of the driveway.
Tip: Do not pressure wash the concrete driveway before it drives completely. Give at least 5 hours for it to dry.
Remove any dirt from the concrete driveway.
Cover the areas with plastic sheet that you do not want to paint.
Use the paint spray to paint the driveway. In case you do not have uniform color, do not worry. Different color shades will add more depth to the overall appearance.

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