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How Your Roof Affects Your Interior Design

How Your Roof Affects Your Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, it’s natural to focus solely on the interior. We assume that furniture and interior remodeling are the sole elements that affect interior design. But did you know that some aspects of your exterior can affect your interior? Your roof, for instance, is an important part of your home that absolutely affects the exterior look of your home. While most people spend time worrying about how their roof affects the outside of their home, far too few people worry about how it affects the inside of their home. Your roof can affect your interior design in many different ways. Here are just a few of them.

It Helps to Keep A Style Trend

When it comes to designing the perfect home, you want to ensure that every aspect of the house flows together. While many people focus solely on the interior style trend to make sure all the rooms match, experts will tell you that the exterior is just as important. You need to maintain the same styling trend as the roofing on your home gives the visitor a preview of what to expect when they enter your home.

Specific Materials Set the Tone of Design

While most homes are constructed with shingle or metal roofs, others are constructed with specialized materials. Some examples of these specialized materials include ceramic tiles and wood shakes. Ceramic tile roofs tend to give off a more modernized home look that your interior design should follow. Wood shakes give off a more coastal appearance that a visitor expects to see within the interior of a home.

Cooling Needs

As with any sort of interior home design, you need to take functionality into consideration. During the summer months, the style of roof that you have can greatly affect the temperature inside of your home. Metal roofing material tends to reflect the sunlight the best, which means your home’s interior will stay cooler. However, a shingle roof can cause a hotter interior temperature. Depending on the roofing material that you use, your interior design may need to include things like an overhead fan or a mini-split air conditioning unit.

Slanted Roofs

It’s true that not all homes are designed the same. Some homes have flat roofs while other ones have slanted roofs. If you have a home that has a slanted roof and attic space that is finished, you’re likely going to see the roof out of those attic rooms. This means that you’ll want to incorporate the color of the roof into the design for your overall room. This way, you can leave the windows curtain-free and have a nice transition from the outdoor scenery to the indoor design.

The roof of your home does a lot. One thing that you may not think about too often is how it affects the interior design of your home. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how your roof affects the designing style of the inside of your home.


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