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How to Work Your Decor to Fit an Oddly-Shaped Room

How to Work Your Decor to Fit an Oddly-Shaped Room

L-shaped rooms, rooms with too many open areas, and studio-style rooms are just a few of the many oddly shaped rooms that can cause havoc when trying to decorate. Before you give yourself a backache moving the furniture around the room, take a look at a few handy tips that may help you in your furniture arranging endeavor.

Rugs are your friend

Rugs are a fantastic way to alter the shape of a room. They act as a room within a room. Start by deciding on the focal point of the room. This can be a window, fireplace, or another point of interest. Position a large area rug in alignment with the focal point. Group the furniture within the area rug in a pleasing manner that will accommodate conversation. You can then soften the outer edges of the room with plants, lighting, and artwork.

Work with the angles

We tend to try and fight a problem instead of working with it. In this case, try working with the angles instead of against them. This can be achieved by buying pieces of decor that accentuate the angles of the room. Consider furniture or customized frames that are comparable to that of the room. Decorating the room in this manner can create an artistic display of the existing room.

Create new angles with lighting

Lighting is a great tool that can be used to create the illusion that the room is not what it appears to be. Lights can cast shadows into areas better left unseen while lighting an area of interest. They can soften the sharp edges of the corner of a room. They can create focal points that draw the eye. Soft lighting set in oddly shaped areas of the room can also give the illusion of curves.

Break out of the box

Oddly shaped rooms can be tricky to work with when trying to decide where to place your furniture. For a room that will not cooperate with your furniture placement, try creating a new wall or knocking some down to combine rooms. Whether you’re making a room bigger or smaller, try to create as much open space in the center as possible to avoid a cramped or confined feeling.

Think of an oddly shaped room as an opportunity for creativity instead of a headache. This allows you the opportunity to have a room that is unlike a traditional room. With decorative lighting, properly placed area rug, unique furniture and artwork, and use of screens and plants as additional wall space, you can create comfort out of that oddly shaped room.

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