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How to Use Multipurpose Metal Putty to Perform Repairs in Your Home?

How to Use Multipurpose Metal Putty to Perform Repairs in Your Home?

Need to perform repairs in metal? You don’t have to fret on spending much on the repair since there are cost-effective products designed to handle problems on ferrous and aluminium metal items. The metal putty is a type of adhesive that has become a popular solution for patching and sealing metal pipes and other kinds of metal. It is a high performance metal filled epoxy that can be purchased in various hardware stores at affordable prices.

The metal putty comes in different sizes, thus you can buy the small one for minor repairs or the bigger ones for major fixes.

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Who Uses Metal Putty

Basically, anyone who wishes to perform home repair can buy and use the metal putty. You can just buy it and follow the product instruction on how to use it then you are all set. Meanwhile, those who don’t have enough time to carry out repairs usually hire the service of plumbers if they problems with leaks on metal pipes. This product is widely used by plumbers and repair men in general due to its reliable performance; in fact it is the best choice for repairing holes, cracks and defects on metal surface.

In addition, the metal putty can be used for ceramic repair and masonry. Hence, it is not only highly recommended for household use but for construction industry, too. Metal putty comes in both liquid form and hand kneading type.

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 Typical Applications

The metal putty has been the top choice for various metal fixes aside from pipe repair. Below are the common applications of the epoxy:

  • Sealing cracked tanks, castings, valves and vessels.
  • Making models and jigs for holding odd shaped parts.
  • Resurfacing worn air seals.
  • Patching non-structural defects in steel castings.
  • Making metal dies.
  • Re-profiling pitting caused by corrosion and cavitation.

Certain type of metal can quickly encounter issues, such as corrosion and leak, when frequently exposed to water and heat. So if you have problems such as the ones mentioned above, you already have idea on how to fix it using the metal putty.

How to Use

One of the various reasons why metal putty gained such popularity amongst repair men, plumbers and household owners is due to the fact that it is seriously simple to use.

  1. Prepare the affected area for the putty. In order for the putty to properly stick to the metal, the surface should be cleaned. Remove any oil, wax or any build up on the surface. If the area has rust, it is important to wash the surface with oil-free soap.
  1. Place a small amount of the putty into a scraper and apply it to the damaged area. Spread the putty over the area with fast scraping motion. As much as possible, avoid applying the epoxy over the same area the second time as it might pull away the first layer you applied.
  1. Allow the putty to dry for at least 30 minutes, or as per instruction. When it has dried out, check for any voids in the affected area and repeat the application, if needed. You can sand or paint it afterwards.

For complete application guide, follow the instructions found on the label of the product.

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Finding a cost effective solution to simple home repairs is beneficial to cut back expenses and save money in the long run. The metal putty is indeed a general purpose epoxy that can fix problems without hurting the pocket.

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