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How to Spot a High-Quality Window

How to Spot a High-Quality Window

High quality windows are absolutely worth the investment. For anyone who does not make or sell windows, knowing what to look for can be difficult. We’ve put together a cheat sheet to make sure that you don’t get cheated! Read up and arm yourself with some serious window knowledge.

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Window Purpose

First, take note of what you want your windows to do. Block sun or cold weather? Look good with a designer finish? Fit in with the period architecture and décor? The windows you choose should serve your specific needs.

Visual Appeal

Visually speaking, the best looking windows will have the same size frame all the way around the perimeter (for horizontal sliding designs especially). Many of the less attractive replacement windows have the front, left, and top sides of the frame wide, while the bottom is narrow. A quality replacement window with a beveled frame will look better than a basic box frame (which is the least expensive).

Energy Efficiency

If energy efficiency is your thing, do the math. Compare your heating bills to the price of the windows. Make sure you can meet the tax credit. Visit the Department of Energy website first so you know what to look for. Quality may come into play here.

Quality windows should have excellent seals. A good quality replacement window should have a “super spacer” seal, or what is known as a multi-part seal system, or the positive window ratings you get day one may fade away quickly as the gas leaks out between the glass panes.

Another feature to look for is the chamber quality. A quality replacement window (vinyl) frame should be multi-chambered. A general rule is that the fewer the chambers, the cheaper and weaker the window frame

And for climate like ours in the Pacific Northwest, you will want to ask for multiple chambers with foam inserts. Given our weather, it is not a bad idea to have a frame design that is sloped internally for water drainage. A window frame with a sloped internal drainage plane and foam chambering on all four sides is being developed to meet the special needs of the wet Pacific Northwest area. A sloped surface drains quicker than a flat one. A window with a thick outer wall is good also because a lot of the weight of the glass can be placed on the outer wall of a vinyl frame.

When you get ready to purchase new custom replacement window, a custom window manufacturer and installer can help you discover the very best options for your home and family.

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