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How to Set Up a Security Camera at Home

How to Set Up a Security Camera at Home


Installing a proper security system should be the first action you take to keep your home safe. Make sure to consider the home structure and the security level needed when choosing a system for your home.

There are several options to ensure your security. Among them, the security camera is well-known and popular. There are different ways to set up a security camera at home. These cameras are operated by some kind of surveillance system, such as amonitoring service that includes the necessary installation of the cameras. Alternatively, you can purchase and install a security camera to monitor on your own.

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You need to purchase the appropriate surveillance equipmentlike analog video, infrared, or wireless cameras. The installation process and the needed materials depend on the type of cameras you select. Make sure that whatever type you buy, you get a good quality camera.

  • Camera Installation Process

Cameras may be wired or wireless. Here is a description about both installation processes along with the process on how you would access it from your cell phone.

  • Wired Cameras

If your camera is wired, connect the Ethernettoyour camera where you want to place it. Ethernet cables are commonly usedto connect to the Internet because it allows thetransmission of images and data. An ordinary cable will not work.

  • Wireless Cameras

If you have a wireless camera, you need to install a wireless adapter, soan ethernet cable is not required. The camera must be connected to a high-quality power source. You can use a high-quality, long-lasting battery or wall outlet for thepower source.

You will need to connect a receiver in order tostore the images that are recorded. Some wireless cameras come with hand-held monitoring systems. These can be linked to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), TV, or computer. You can upload the software that can correspond with your camera if necessary.

You need to mount the camera and control panel considering the best location for security. After turning on the cameras, verify that theyperfectly capture your desired location. Ensure that the images cover the back door, living room,underground garage, and the places where intrusion may occur.

  • Adjusting Camera Features

You can adjust the other features of the camera per your requirements. For example, you can adjust the lighting for extra light at night such as when viewing the front porch. Not only light, you can also adjust the camera lenses, zoom, capturing range, etc.

Most cameras have additional features like motion detectors, heat detectors, and several types of sensors. All of the sensors will alert you if they go off. You can connect the sensors to your burglar alarm to get a signal when any time your safety is compromised.

  • Monitor with Your Cellphone

There is a simple way to monitor your home from your cellphone. The best way is to use a webcam as a security camera. Then you can broadcast it through the Internet to a reliable and secure site. Then you can access the video hosting website through any cellphone. The steps are listed here.

  • For doing this this procedure, you’ll have to setup some software needed for the installation. The software can help you monitor your webcam remotely. For example, you can use the “Webcam Monitor” application. After finding the application, look on the main page to find the download link. This will allow you to downloadwhen prompted.
  • Install the security cam software by openingthe installation file on your computer. Afterward you will be donewith the installation process.
  • Open the program after finishing the installation process. Make sure that you have Internet access and then hook up your security webcam.
  • In the main screen, click on the button “Add camera” and click “Next”. You will see several options. Select the right option for the camera hooked up to your computer and then click “Next” once more.
  • After choosing your device, you will be able to see a preview of what the camera sees in the main screen.
  • Click on the top button labeled “Start Broadcasting.”
  • Click on the “Log” tab and write down the website address there.
  • Through a browser on your cellphone, you can input that address. Now you are set up to see your home through the camera.

These are the important steps to install a camera for your home and how to get access from your cell phone. These steps are similar for all camera surveillance software and devices. You can customize them to meet your needs.

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Evie Coles is the author of this blog, and she has written it to educate her readers about the installation of a security camera at home. She has also specified how to monitor the camera video from your cellphone. She believes that onlyhi-tech FrontPoint Security products can ensure the proper security for your home or office.


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