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How to Maintain Your Organic Wool Mattress Properly?

For those who love the idea of an eco-friendly bedroom, organic wool mattresses and mattress toppers are the best thing right now. Of course, even if you don’t opt for a full-fledged green bedroom, you can make one small change in your bed today that will not only be good news for the environment, but will improve the quality of your sleep too.

The reason why organic wool mattresses are so good for you is simple. Organic materials are healthy and durable, which makes them ideal for making mattresses and mattress toppers. They have a number of added advantages such as:

  1. They are chemical free. In case of regular mattresses, bleach and a lot of other chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. These don’t completely wear off even after months of usage. But in case of organic wool mattresses, no such chemicals are used.
  2. They are fire resistant. Natural wool suppresses fire because of the presence of keratin and natural moisture in it.
  3. Organic wool is hypo-allergenic. Parasites and bed bugs that are responsible for allergic reaction in users hate natural wool and don’t find it very appetizing.
  4. Mattresses made of organic wool offer better insulation and regulate heat. That’s why, they keep you warm in winters and cool during summers.
  5. It’s flexible and comfortable. Organic wool is ideal for a bed that you share with a partner, because organic wool mattresses suppress movement and don’t cause disturbance when one partner leaves the bed.
  6. Natural wool is sustainable and eco-friendly. It is completely biodegradable and renewable. It doesn’t add to the environmental waste.

So, now that you have decided to go for an organic wool mattress in your bedroom, you should know all about the proper cleaning process and regular maintenance of these mattresses, in order to enhance their durability. Here are some helpful tips that will keep your mattress quality intact for years to come.

  1. Cleaning and washing: You can’t clean your mattress by washing. Fortunately, mattresses don’t really need washing. But if you are using mattress toppers and covers made from organic wool, you should take extra care while washing them. Use the gentlest detergents that are exclusively meant for woolens and always set the washing machine on a low rpm setting. Most machines have a special function for woolens, use that. After washing, don’t dry them by hanging. Instead lay them flat.
  2. Keep away from dirt and spills: Everyone knows that the biggest enemy of your mattress is spilled liquid. Since mattresses are so thick and tightly packed, they leave very little room for air to pass through. As a result, when spills occur, the moisture gets trapped inside. Even when you feel the surface to be dry, chances are, it’s still wet inside. This trapped moisture gives birth to molds, mildew and fungus. Fortunately, natural wool, due to its insulating properties, is fluffier and allows more space for air to pass through. So, it’s not as hard to dry an organic woolen mattress as other mattresses. Still, the best practice is to avoid consuming any beverage on or near your bed, or if that seems impossible, at least be extra cautious around them and try not to spill.
  3. Blot accidental spills: If, however, spills do occur, blot them immediately using towels or tissue papers. Wipe them down carefully and dry them as much as possible to minimize the damage.
  4. Dust and expose regularly: If you want to maintain the quality of your organic wool mattress, you should make daily efforts to keep it healthy. This includes regular dusting. Experts suggest that you should dust the top surface of your bed at least once a day, and remove the top layers of your bedding to dust your mattress at least thrice a week. This make and unmake process of your bed will keep the mattress in good shape. Regular unmaking and dusting will not only let the fibers of your wool mattress breathe, but also prevent the build-up of dust, which might cause dust-mites to grow.
  5. Flip monthly: Even after regular dusting and exposing, you are taking care of only one surface of your mattress. That’s why it’s important to flip your mattress once a month, from up to down, and from top to bottom. Doing so will allow both sides of the mattress to breathe. Plus, when we sleep on a fixed spot every day, portions of the mattress receive more pressure than others. Continuous usage can create dents on the mattresses. Flipping them regularly will prevent such dents from forming.
  6. Exposure to sun and air: The sun is a natural germ killer. An occasional full-day sunbath will make your mattress odor-free, disinfected, and naturally bleached. It will also dry out any moisture that is trapped inside.

When it comes to maintaining an organic wool mattress, although it’s not really hard, consistency and regular care are very important. If you follow these instructions faithfully, your organic mattress will last for years to come, and serve you with the most peaceful and comfortable sleeping experience.

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