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How To Keep Your Garage Stylish And Organized Like A Pro

How To Keep Your Garage Stylish And Organized Like A Pro


If your garage is still disorganized, that is your choice. But don’t be peeved if in the morning you won’t feel as sprightly as you want. How could you be if the first sight you see before leaving for work is a disheveled and messy garage? There are many ideas out there that will show you how to put class and style in your garage and how you can organize it properly. Here are some of those ideas that can make your morning wake up as bright as you would want it to be.


  1. Assign a place for every type of tool.

Keep your woodworking tools in one section of the garage. Don’t let your plumbing tools or car tools invade that place. Every tool must be in its proper place.

  1. Use plastic storage bins

Building hard wooden cabinets is very time consuming and labor intensive. Why not just buy plastic bins instead. They are also sturdy and they can keep your tools from being scattered around the garage. You can use them to segregate your tools perhaps by their functions, or where they are supposed to be used. For example put your car tools on one plastic bin and your woodworking tools on another bin. You can even color code the bins for easy identification.

  1. Use bungee cord for your balls

In the course of your life, you may be able to own a lot of sports balls. And since they are balls, they could easily roll off in far off nooks in your garage. Why not use a bungee cord to keep them from rolling around the place? Build a type of holder with a bungee cord to store all your balls, big and small.

  1. Build an overhead storage

Is the space in your garage floor already fully occupied? How about its ceiling? Perhaps the only occupant in this place above is the garage light. Why not turn some of your ceiling space into an overhead storage? Build some storage cabinets, hang them in your ceiling with strong brackets and place there all the tools that are currently strewn around the garage floor.

  1. Build a flexible storage wall

The space between the wall and your car can be used for storage. Why not build a flexible wall on that narrow section of your garage? You can do this by building a horizontal wood strips framework and stack it with shelves or hooks. This storage shelves or hooks could hold all your sundry tools in place.

  1. Build a pegboard storage space

Building a pegboard storage space is one of the easiest ways to store tools and things in your garage. You can create this storage in only two hours. Install it on one of the unused walls in your garage. If you add a bin below it, you can store all the sundry little things that are lying around the floor.

  1. Wire shelving is easy to build

If you want an inexpensive storage that is easy to build, use wire shelves, hooks, hangers and brackets fastened on a dry wall. The only thing you have to do here is to get some sturdy screws and fasten the wire shelves, hooks, hangers and brackets on the wall and you can use these wire shelving for storage of small tools and accessories.


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  1. Hooks for bikes

If you have more than one bike, fasten strong and good sized hooks or double-bike racks on the garage wall that is seldom used. Hang you bikes there and you won’t have any problems where to keep them.

  1. Install a screen door

Do you have problems with mosquitoes in your garage? Why not install a screen door? If you want to be more stylish, you can even make it a sliding screen door. This type of door will also let the outside air in, without the mosquitoes. That can brighten up the atmosphere inside your garage.

  1. Get a folding worktable

If you want more space in your garage, get rid of your big worktable and replace it with one that can be folded up. A folding worktable of relatively the same size will allow you to have the same working space. But when folded up, it will give you additional space which you can use to store other things in your garage.


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