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Choose the right air conditioner for your home


Air Conditioner – Select the right AC for your home

We Aussies know heat. But it’s cool if we’ve got an awesome air conditioner. We get the best of both worlds – enjoying summertime, with cool relief.

With the press of a button, there’s that quick wave of fresh, cool air. Ahhh!

Choosing the right air conditioner for you is the key. Everyone’s needs are different. You might have a bigger family compared to your next-door neighbours. You might simply use your system more.

This guide will help you narrow down your options and find a suitable system for your home.

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Picking your new air conditioner, in three easy steps

Decide on the type of air conditioner

First, let’s go through the different types of air conditioners.


  • Split system: The most common type of air conditioner, these systems have an outdoor unit where the compressor and condenser sit. The indoor unit is wall mounted. Split systems are versatile – suiting both small bedrooms and large living areas.
  • Ducted system: Working to cool (or heat) the entire home, ducted systems deliver air through (normally ceiling) ducts in a number of rooms.
  • Reverse cycle: Cost efficient, these systems are perfect for cooling only.
  • Inverter technology: With inverters, compressor speed is consistent and maintained within a set temperature. Thismakesitefficient and generallycheaper to operate.
  • Wall unit: Housing all the parts in one unit, wall units are typically mounted into walls. They’reperfectforcoolingone single room.


Think about the size & features you need

It’s crucial to consider the size of air conditioner that you need. Select a model with equal or slightly greater functionality for the room you need it in.

If you choose a unit that’s too powerful, you’ll end up running it in short cycles to get cool – instead of maintaining a steady flow. You’re more likely to chew up power, and increase wear and tear on the system.

On the other hand, choosing a model with less guts than you need won’t help you either. You’ll have to run it in overtime, which will lead to drying the air and damage to the system.

Choose your features

Air conditioners these days have so many cool features. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, such as energy efficiency, this will help guide you in your buying decision.

Here are a few added features to keep in mind.

  • Fan speeds

Look for a model with a large airflow range and numerous fan speeds. This gives you the flexibility to choose to cool down a room quickly, or have it on low when you’re already comfortable. You can also select modes such as ‘dry’, which dehumidifies the air, or ‘fan only’, which blows air still without cooling.

  • Sleepmode

If you fall asleep before remembering to turn it off, that’s ok. You can pre-set the temperature to hover at a nice range, so the system is quiet and comfortable while you’re sleeping.

  • Remote control

Even these vary from brands. Go for one that’s large, that’s easy to read, with an LCD screen.

  • Energyefficiency

Once you’ve decided on the capacity, compare the star ratings so you choose a model with low running costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Selecting the right air conditioner for you takes time and research. But it’s worth it – you’ll find a system that actually works for you. Save money on your power bill and prolong the life of your investment… your air conditioner.

We can examine how your air conditioner is performing, and follow up with either repairs, replacement, or future maintenance.

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