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How to Boost Your Home Security in 3 Effective Ways

How to Boost Your Home Security in 3 Effective Ways

Building your dream house definitely takes an ample amount of time and money. But beautiful and classy design is not enough. Anyhow, ensuring that your home is protected from intruders is a must.

But if you’re a bit worried spending for some home security measures might cost you a fortune, fret not, because it’s easier than you might assume. Before we begin to give you a few home security tactics, let’s first determine what defines an effective home security.

Some experts suggest that in order to dissuade intruders and thieves from breaking into your home, multiple deterrents must be created or implemented when your home is a target.

These thieves or burglars will not tell you they will break in to your house. It is their nature not to confront anybody so you will read or hear reports that these burglars do their schemes when residents are out – in the morning.

All these thieves want from you is to steal your property and sell it. When these criminals learn that someone or somebody is in the house, they will usually change their crime routines.

Here are now our three (3) expert home security tips to outsmart intruders:

Home Exteriors

Thieves are opportunists that every homeowner should remember. To ensure that intruders are prevented to break into your house, experts suggest investing in good lighting.

Stand outside your home at night and look for the dark, shadowy spots. Install lighting that it is capable of illuminating your doorways and pathways to your house.

Installing a motion-sensor home security lighting can immediately thwart these criminals from breaking into your house. There are affordable motion-sensor lights that you can purchase at any hardware stores. Not only easy to install if you already have porch lights, these home security hardware are programmable to different sensitivity levels.

Moreover, who wants a boogeyman behind the bush, right? Feel more secure by cutting bushes and trees back in your yard. The messy vegetation at your yard is one of the favourite hiding places among thieves.

Do you have dense hedges or thorny bushes near your house windows? Use them as they are repellant among predators. Just make sure to keep them tidy and trimmed so they do not serve as hiding spots among intruders.

Then if you think any trees in your yard can provide access to a second-floor window, don’t hesitate to cut them down off.


Installing security cameras or CCTVs is no longer a luxury. This popular home alarm system is a good deterrent against burglars. Mounting security cameras at the front or back doors can be helpful in deterring these criminals from entering your dream house.

There are various ranges of security cameras whose extra layer of security features can drive the cost higher. You can find  simple surveillance camera that doesn’t cost a fortune and reliable enough to provide you with the most pressing information you need.

There are surveillance cameras that can be connected to your mobile phone so you can watch when you’re not home. Such security cameras can also snap a picture each time someone barges a certain door. So choosing which security cam to pick still depends on your preferences.

Alarm Systems

While easy to implement and often helpful, alarm systems might be popular but not the first choice when it comes to security additions.

And although some may not be solid with the idea of installing alarm systems to buy themselves peace of mind, this is still one of the most popular home security tactics to consider.

According to some experts, installing average alarm systems have a price range of $400 to $500 while monthly monitoring ranges from $43 to $58.

Sometimes, it is the very presence of the alarm system that is the deterrent. Come to think of it, burglars do not want to take risks and upon learning that you have an alarm system installed in your place, they will surely not put their necks off of it.

Final Thoughts

There are so many home security tactics that you can adopt and set-up in your house, apart from the three tactics we discussed above. Pets like dogs can be helpful, as well as investing in doors, windows and locks that can protect your home’s access points.

Creating a home with the right safety and security measures in place might be a bit costly at first, but making your house a challenge for burglars can be helpful in the long run.

Criminals like to look for quick in and out of your house, as well as a place to hide.  With multiple layers of home security, you are rest assured that you can scare away those who are thinking about barging in into your house. Criminal-minded individuals will be afraid and think twice before taking the risks.

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