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Household Recovery After A Severe Storm

household revovery

The way to go about a Household Recovery Project after being hit by a tornado

Rain and high winds can leave many structures damaged, including brick or concrete. High wind speeds normally do the most damage, although rains can cause flash floods and undermine the foundation of a house. Large snows can create sinks in the ground where meltwater trickles through cracks. Most homes can be salvaged after a storm, and often property value can be fully restored.

Roofs and Windows Need Professional Repair

Working on most parts of a home requires a contractor. This is simply because improper work can damage a structure or render it unsafe for human habitation. An amateur job can send your property value plummeting. Roof tiles destroyed by high winds were probably old and becoming brittle in any case. A tarp can temporarily keep a house dry, but a new roof installation is the only solid solution. Aluminum might be a smart choice because of its longevity. Windows need to be airtight, and professionals know how to improve the thermal efficiency of an old home.

household revovery
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Dry Out a House as Quickly as Possible

A home that is flooded by water can be saved if the owner acts quickly. The drywall must be stripped down and the structural beams treated with chemicals to destroy any fungus that could rot the wood. Rugs and drywall are cheap to replace, but if the skeleton of a home degrades, then the entire house structure is at risk and the home potentially has to be abandoned. Some plumbers offer to treat flooded homes with chemicals and by forcing hot air to circulate and absorb moisture. Houses that have been flooded for more than a few days are not suitable if they are made of wood.

Check for Contaminated Pipes Before Drinking

Floods can destabilize the ground and cause pipes to bend and become contaminated with ground water. If water is ever dirty, then be wary of contamination. Boil the water if you must use some and then have a plumber inspect the premises. Most plumbers also know how to search for sink holes that might have resulted from erosion. While snows might not be dramatic, they can cause erosion due to their gradual trickle as they melt. If holes around the house are noted, they merit careful inspection.

Check for Warnings and Advice from Credible Resources

Many weather services are able to predict inclement weather and then suggest ways to protect property in advance. If weather is causing property damage to other homes, then advisories might be put out for spotting and repairing damage. Home owners can spot problems and then report them to relevant authorities.

Any property owner should routinely check around the house for damage, and trim or remove any potentially home-threatening trees. Tree service companies like Arborcare Tree Service Ltd can help inspect and deal with any dangerous trees before they fall. Storms themselves provide cues for inspection, but gradual erosion can be just as devastating. Most damage can be repaired, and doing so is also an opportunity to improve a structure and prepare it for future storms.

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