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House Remodeling Ideas to Help you Save On Your Monthly Bills

Homeowners remodel parts of a home for a number of reasons from functionality to aesthetics. Another reason to remodel is to lower the cost of monthly bills. Many different items in the home from appliances to the windows affect usage of utilities like water and power. Homeowners will want to consider several remodeling ideas that can lower bills each year.

5. New Insulation

A remodeling project that will lower energy bills is the addition of modern insulation throughout the house. Most homes come with some insulation in the attic. Materials like fiberglass batting will lose effectiveness over time. Homeowners will want to consider installing loose fill insulation made from recycled materials. This type of insulation is blown into the spaces inside of walls and in the attic. This can reduce the cost of heating and cooling the house dramatically especially when combined with radiant heat barriers.

4. New Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Old or inefficient fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom will use far more water than necessary. This includes the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, shower heads and toilets. Faucets and shower heads can be replaced with modern fixtures that have aerators inside. This reduces water usage and lowers water bills. Installing low-flow toilets can reduce the amount of water used in a year by hundreds of gallons

3. Home Automation and Alarm Systems

Installing a home automation system gives homeowners complete control over most or all of the electronics in the house. Most automation networks include alarm systems in Las Vegas that will protect the house from theft and even fire. The automation and alarm system can be controlled from a mobile device, a computer or a special control panel. Lights, appliances and other electronics that are not needed can be deactivated with the touch of a button from anywhere in the house. This will lower energy bills by preventing electronics from wasting electricity when not in use.

2. New Windows

The windows in a house are a major source of energy loss. Old windows could allow cool air to escape during the summer and might not be stopping cold air from entering in the winter. New windows use multiple panes of glass in the frame with a special gas in between. This greatly improves the insulating quality of the windows. Modern windows also sometimes have special coatings that help to block ultraviolet light from entering the house. New windows can decrease energy bills each season by a significant amount.

1. Solar Panels

Homeowners who live in a sunny location without obstructions overhead will want to consider installing solar panels on top of the house or on the property. Solar panel technology has advanced over the last few years. It is now easy to install the panels on a roof or in a yard. The cells can generate power even in light overcast conditions. This will directly reduce energy bills. Just a few solar panels could provide enough electricity to run all of the lights and appliances in the house. Some areas allow homeowners to sell any extra energy produced back to the utility company.

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