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Hot Home Decor Trends 2014

home decor trends

Impress Your Guests with These Hot Home Decor Trends 2014

If you love to entertain at home, you probably enjoy keeping a beautiful home interior. Before your next dinner party or family gathering, consider updating your home’s look with a few of these decorating ideas:


Add Some Tribal Prints

Splashes of color are trending in home décor right now. One of the most popular ways to add color is with tribal prints. Add a few throw pillows, cushions or even wall tapestries with tribal prints to your living space for a fun, trendy update.


home decor trends
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Lose the Beige

Beige has been a popular home decorating color for years, but this neutral tone has lost its fresh appeal. If you have beige walls, update them with fresher colors. More popular neutral tones include a range of grays, chocolate brown, and warm peach or coral. Replace beige sofas and chairs with pieces in more modern colors, or use fitted covers for a quick update.


Warm Up a Trendy Space with Area Rugs

Area rugs are great ways to warm up a living space. Trendy options on the market today include rugs featuring geometric designs and splashes of color. Add a turquoise and white area rug to a mostly white room with a single red wall. Pull the entire room together by incorporating turquoise and white into the wall hangings. You may have something that you think would work but it is too dirty to place in your home quiet yet so contacting a professional cleaner like Babayan’s, a Richmond Hill carpet cleaning service, to clean your rug can make it presentable.


Go with Corduroy

If you’re looking for some trendy new furniture for a living room or seating area, go with corduroy. This versatile material looks great on couches and chairs, and it provides an affordable alternative to velvet. Best of all, corduroy furniture comes in all the most trendy color and style options, so you’ll definitely find the corduroy seating that best suits your home interior.


Don’t Fear Florals

Floral patterns have been steadily growing in popularity in the fashion world. As often happens, florals are appearing as popular textiles for home décor as well. Incorporate floral patterns into your room using throw pillows, wall hangings or even modern wallpaper. To make the floral look even more trendy, combine florals with a blue color scheme, one of the most popular home-design trends for 2014.


Updating your home’s interior will help you feel confident the next time guests come for dinner or the in-laws drop by unannounced. As you can see by the tips listed here, you can spend as much or as little as you wish on updating your décor to fit today’s most popular trends.


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