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Five Tips for Better Utilizing All the Space in Your House

Here are few home space management  tips

An organized and clutter-free home feels bigger, more luxurious, and more welcoming. Whether your furniture comes from Ikea or an upscale boutique, cleanliness and excellent organization is the key to a home that looks like a million bucks. 

Here are five tips to make better use of the space in your home.

1. Make Use of Neglected Spaces

Hallways, corners, breezeways and vestibules take up valuable square footage. Don’t waste all that space–use it! Hang a mirror over a shallow chest of drawers in a hallway to make it feel more spacious and create additional storage. Build corner shelves to display souvenirs and antiques. Dormer windows make great reading nooks, while attics and basements can be revamped into spare bedrooms or specialized use spaces–an exercise room, an office, or a game room.


2. Clean House

Schedule regular deep cleans every few months – this is a very important home space management trick! Unused clothes, toys, and gadgets should go to Goodwill or your preferred local charity. Scrap paper and junk should go in the trash. Be honest with yourself: if you’re not going to use an item again, find it a new home. 

3. Install More Storage

Everything must have its place. After you’ve cleaned up, all the items that remain are important. Find each one a home. That may mean a magazine rack, jewelry trees or toolboxes. If necessary, install new cabinets and shelves. Partition enclosed spaces with individual tubs and trays to keep smaller items from getting jumbled. When you have to worry about where something goes, it’s less likely to be put away. 


4. Rent a Storage Unit

Collect all the items that only see occasional use and move them into a storage unit. Things like holiday decorations, a winter wardrobe, leaf blower or pool supplies can be safely and affordably stored for the off-season. Look for reputable companies in your area, like The Storage Center.

Driving to a storage unit every month or two to pick up seasonal items is much more convenient than tripping over the same items every day. If home space is limited, don’t give any more over to storage than is absolutely necessary.

5. Make Furniture Serve Double Duty

Some furniture is designed to make the most of small spaces. Look for ottomans or footrests that open up to reveal a storage compartment. Beds with built in drawers in the base to store clothes are great for small bedrooms. Sofas that unfold into spare beds. 

A clean, well-organized home is a happy home. Go forth and organize!


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