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5 Home Security Tips for a Perfect Vacation

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5 Home Security Tips for a Perfect Vacation

You wouldn’t enjoy your vacation if you have your mind left in your house. You have months to prepare for your adventure getaway, so why not use this time to increase the security of your home? Of course, you would not expect for something bad to happen, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Take a look at the home security tips that we’ve prepared so you can have an enjoyable vacation away from your house.

1. Make it Look as if You’re Still at Home

One of the best ways to prevent your house from becoming the prey of thieves is by making it look like you never left at all. If there are still signs of activity in your house, it is less likely that robbers target your home. So, do everything you can to make it seem like you are not away on a vacation.

When your house is dark at night, it is a sign for thieves that there’s no one at home. However, you don’t want to leave all the lights on during the entire time you are away. Fortunately, you can search online and find a wide selection of timers. You can plug the timer into an outlet and the device will switch the lights or other electronics on or off at specific times during the day.

A lot of people think that they can only use this device on lamps. However, you can also use the timer on your TV. Having a good amount of noise around your home while you’re away can be enough to make people think that you’re not away on a vacation.

When using choosing a timer, make sure you get one that allows random intervals. You don’t want to create a pattern of lights switching on and off at specific times of the night. If someone is observing around the neighbourhood, they will definitely notice this. The best option for you is to get a timer that you can connect to your smartphone. In this way, you can turn on certain lights in the house anytime you want to.

2. Ask a Trusted Person to Watch your House

One of the best ways you can secure your home is to ask a trusted friend to watch it for you. You can give them the keys and ask them to live in your house for the entire duration of your trip. If you fail to find someone to do this for you, then it would be time to test whether you have friends in the neighbourhood.

It always pays to be a good neighbour. If you talk with your neighbours on a regular basis, you can inform them that you will be away on a vacation and that you’d appreciate it if they can look after your place for a bit.

Respect your neighbour’s time and efforts and don’t go overboard, asking them to do a bunch of chores for you. However, you can ask them to watch out for anything that might make the house look unattended. For instance, if there are packages on the front step, ask them to take and keep them while you are away. While you are on a vacation, your friends in the neighbourhood are your first line of defence. You can always return the favour when it is their turn to go away on a vacation.

3. Install Security Doors or Security Screens

While making your travel plans, it would be best to search for ways to increase the security of your home. Find a qualified tradesman to install security doors or security screens on your windows. So, if thieves do try to break in, they will have a difficult time tearing down your home’s security features.

These days, you will find security screens, garage doors and security doors that meet and even exceed Australian quality standards. They have been tested for knife attack impact as well as for fire resistance. Just make sure you turn to a trusted company that provides high quality security doors, screens and roller shutters, among others.

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4. Remember to Lock Everything

Of course, this is the most important thing you should do—make sure that all possible entry points to your house are locked, including the deadbolts. When you go to work, you always remember to lock the main doors. However, there are times that we leave some windows or our garage door unlocked. So, before you leave for your vacation, make sure you’ve gone through the house and have locked every door and every window.

It would be better if you have an automatic garage door because that is very secure. It can be difficult for burglars to break into these types of garage doors. However, to be safe, you can also install a deadbolt-style lock.

5. Install a Security Alarm System with Remote Monitoring

Consider installing a security alarm system. When you are away on a vacation, this is the best way you can rest easy knowing that your home is secure. You can have motion sensors and even glass break sensors installed around the house.

What’s great about this technology is that you can connect the surveillance cameras to the Internet. In this way, you can remotely access the cameras and see whatever is happening inside and around your house. Even when you’re thousands of miles away, you can still monitor your house.

If you have the budget, you can also customize your alarm system and have it monitor other threats apart from burglaries. For instance, when fire or smoke is detected, your security system will alarm promptly. You can connect the system to a third-party monitoring company and they can bring someone right away to check your house. In this way, whatever happens while you’re away, someone will still provide aide promptly.


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If you want to have a pleasurable and worry-free vacation, then you should follow at least one or two of the aforementioned tips. Keep in mind that it is always better to be prepared than be sorry in the end.

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