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Home Security Outside Your Home

When it comes to home security, smoke detectors, locked doors and a home security system all go a long way in protecting the inside of your home. You should note however, that you also have to secure the outside of your home in order to enjoy complete protection. The outside of your home is the first thing that burglars see when they begin casing your neighborhood. Certain elements of the outdoor perimeter of your house may entice burglars to choose your home to burglarize.

You should always ensure that you have adequate outdoor lighting. This simply cannot be stressed enough. Outdoor lighting is the first thing that will deter criminals from entering your property. If they feel that they will be seen, they will think twice about attempting to get into your home. Not only does outdoor lighting help to scare away burglars, it provides safety for you and your family as well when you return home after dark.


Landscaping is another outdoor element to consider. Many homeowners choose to have trees and shrubs around their homes, which is perfectly fine. Landscaping helps to add value to your property. However, you have to be careful about the types of landscaping that you choose and you have to ensure that you keep it well-manicured. Having tall shrubs around windows for instance, could hide a potential burglar while he attempts to get inside your home. You want to be certain that your landscaping elements are lending to the value of your property and not putting you at a higher risk for a home invasion.

Outdoor surveillance cameras are an excellent way to protect the perimeter of your property. These cameras have become very affordable over the past few years and many home security system packages offer these cameras as part of an overall security plan. Security cameras allow you to keep an eye on what is going on outside your home even when you are not there. You can access the video feed from your computer or cell phone so you can watch your home from work, vacation or anywhere you may be.

The best way to improve your outside security is to take the time to survey your needs. Look around your property and make sure that there is nothing that would coax a criminal to attempt to break into your home. Ladders that are stacked against the house for instance, open garage doors and other things can cause criminals to seriously consider entering. You have to ensure that the outside of your home is kept clean and neat and that there are no hiding places for those burglars should they choose your home as a target.

Taking just a few steps today could help you to protect your home from invasion tomorrow. Adding stickers to your windows that inform people that you have a home security system or putting up a sign warning about an attack dog are also things that could deter burglars from attempting to enter your home. Zions Security can give you a free over the phone quote concerning your home security needs.

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