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Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Postpone

Home Repairs That Need Immediate Attention!


In the present economy with prices seeming to increase weekly, it is tempting to repair your home in a half-hearted manner to correct immediate problems. You shouldn’t postpone some home repairs because damage can build up and create extremely expensive restoration bills. Some of these repairs are –

Leaky and Aging Plumbing Pipes

As homes age, plumbing pipes and materials- including sewer connections, age along with the home. A sixty-year-old home has galvanized or zinc-coated steel pipe. It is durable but the zinc coating breaks down internally, causing the pipe to rust. This internal rusting eventually causes reduced water pressure and clogged water lines. When your plumbing begins to show signs of deterioration, Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating, a Plumber in Richmond recommends that replacement of galvanized plumbing be done in a timely fashion to prevent recurring clogs, pinhole leaks, and debris build-up. Continued failure to postpone replacement of galvanized plumbing can lead to rotting floors, floods, and water damage that won’t be covered by a homeowner’s policy.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Ideally, you have had a professional examine your heating and air conditioning systems regularly and repaired them appropriately. Neglecting routine maintenance and repair can cause trouble. If you use fossil fuel for heating-neglecting repair and maintenance of the system can lead to failure of the system and the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. Plumbing and heating contractors in Richmond recommends a yearly checkup.

Roof Repair and Replacement

A roof needs to be inspected at least annually. Repairing of broken shingles, cleaning gutters to eliminate water and ice dams, and elimination of debris and moss from the roof is necessary. On the other hand, sometimes-severe weather such as hail, high winds, or tornadoes can require a complete replacement of the roof. Roofers check for deteriorating and loose flashing. Failure to do this can lead to moist spots inside the walls and on ceilings, destroying walls and the underlying structure.

Paint and Caulking

Exterior paint is not just a cosmetic need. It protects your house in a number of ways. Moisture such as snow, ice, rain, frost, and humidity cause paint to soften. This eventually leads to blistering, peeling, and flaking of the paint, exposing bare wood. The wood is then susceptible to damage from weather and insects. As contractors paint your home, they caulk the cracks around windows, exterior vents, and seal leaks to prevent the entry of cold air and moisture.



Neglecting these vital repairs can cause the structure of your home to deteriorate, losing money in resale value, and increasing the possibility of large expenditures to repair the results.

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