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Home Renovation 1, 2, 3! How To Spruce Up Your House

Homeowners are often hesitant to start on a renovation project. Even if the project is one they have needed to do for a long time, people are not crazy about beginning because of what hidden costs may come with the deal. Trusted contractors can help homeowners stay within their budget, but they must also resist the temptation to add to the project while it is in progress even in the excitement of the moment. Here are three great ways to spruce up your home inexpensively.

Use Recycled Products

Homeowners can purchase beautiful cabinet islands that match well with their current cabinets. Buying them at a salvage store, the renovators can provide extra storage in their kitchen space. While contractors do not want to touch used items because they do not want to be liable in case something goes wrong, homeowners can do the project themselves and save all labor costs as well as the price of new cabinetry. Between the cabinet island and the labor, homeowners can save up to 90 percent of the total cost.

Choose Items Requiring Less Labor and Expense

When selecting lighting, homeowners are often interested in soft recessed lights. However, the labor-intensity and expense of cutting the six holes, insulating the spaces and installing the recessed light fixtures make these lighting options expensive. One ceiling or wall-mounted light fixture uses the same wattage as those six recessed fixtures use. Hiring someone to install attractive ceiling and wall lighting options cost less than $300 compared with the well-over $800 charged for installing six recessed lights.

Repair and Face-lift

Instead of replacing two garage doors with brand new ones, people can get help repairing damaged parts or installing garage door openers. Putting a coat of paint on old doors makes them look new. Homeowners can spend about a total of $350 for repaired and painted doors that open and close with ease (including even San Francisco, garage door openers). The total cost of new doors with door openers is around $1,400. The money saved on refurbished doors with new openers is approximately $1,050.

Doing the Renovations and Staying within the Budget

While it is good not to go over-budget on home transformations, homeowners can invest some time and money to accomplish a task within their budget. Instead of an entire room overhaul, doing little changes like window treatments and floor boards eventually achieves the makeover effect. Small and worthwhile investments and changes uplift the home.


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