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Six Oft Forgotten Home Remodeling Details

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Six Oft Forgotten Home Remodeling Details That You Should Know About

When you are planning a remodel, it is easy to focus only on materials, design and budget, and forget about other important aspects. While those are all important, it’s essential to keep in mind the following things so your project will go smoother. When you remember all of the important details with a home remodel, the process and end result will both be better.


Home remodeling always comes with some safety issues to consider. Falling debris, hazardous chemicals, dust, tripping hazards and electrical cords may pose risks for family members and pets. In addition, many chemicals used in remodeling, such as paint strippers, require adequate ventilation and protective gear. Consider all safety precautions in advance to protect you and your family. This is especially important if you have family members with allergies, asthma or other special needs.

home remodeling
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Local Laws

If remodeling will change the outside structure of your home or will involve your electrical or plumbing systems, your homeowner’s association, city or state may have specific regulations regarding any work done. You may need to get a permit for adding a privacy fence or a deck, for example. Electrical or plumbing work usually needs to be performed by someone with the proper license.

Waste Removal

What will you do with the old drywall, plumbing fixtures, wallpaper or other materials? Many remodeling projects produce significant amounts of waste and it will need to go somewhere when you are finished. In most cases, you won’t be able to set it out with your usual household waste. Plan for proper waste removal ahead of time to keep the area and clean and keep you stress-free, say the professionals at Ontario Trucking and Disposal.


Schedule projects wisely by considering all family members. You will be in a construction zone with little escape for a while, but good planning makes it a bit less stressful. For example, you could plan remodeling when kids are in school. That way, workers have the whole morning and afternoon to work on the project without worry about the kids. In addition, unless you will be staying elsewhere for a while, work on just one or two rooms at a time. Everyone should have a peaceful area to go when working on the home.

Plant Care

Paints, finishes and other chemicals used in remodeling may harm grass and plants. You should have plenty of tarps or rolls of plastic sheeting to cover areas of your lawn or other plants that could be exposed to these chemicals. A good example of this is if you are refinishing a deck or porch.

Energy Efficiency

From the color of your roof to the kinds of window treatments you choose, many types of changes can affect the energy efficiency of your home. Light colored roofs reflect solar rays, for example and keep your home cooler in summer. Fabric shades and heavy draperies provide more insulation for windows than many other types of materials. Stone floors may look beautiful, but may feel chilly on cool winter mornings. Keep this in mind when choosing material for your home.


While few people look forward to the remodeling work itself, many anticipate seeing the results. Avoid the dreaded chaos by considering all aspects and potential issues of your project ahead of time.

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