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How To Give Your Home A Makeover Without Breaking The Bank

home makeovers

Home Makeovers – Ideas Without Breaking The Bank

As time goes by, the exterior and interior of your home may begin to look a little boring or outdated. There are many ways you can makeover portions of your home without breaking the bank. In most cases, all it takes is some creative thinking, some physical work and a little money.

The front entrance

Repainting your front door is an inexpensive and immediate way to update your home. Add an interesting door knocker or door decoration and you can make your front entrance even more attractive. Be sure that the locks and handles are updated if they look too old and worn. Adding a small pot of flowers or a clean door mat can really make your porch look newer with little cost.

home makeovers
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Clear the clutter

Most of your room makeover projects will go more smoothly if you make clearing the clutter from your home the first step. Chances are you’ve used up the storage space in your home. Renting a storage unit is a great way to quickly clear the clutter from your home and keep your belongings safe, say the experts at Yellowhead Self Storage. At a convenient time, in the future, you can sort through the items you have stored and make decisions regarding whether to keep, sell or donate them.

Room arrangement

Simply rearranging the furniture in a room will give it a new look. Switching some accent pieces and accessories from one room to another is a great way to create a new decor in various rooms. Rearranging the couches and tables in a room may allow you to open it up and give you more space.


Replacing outdated lamps is an easy makeover tactic. To increase the impact new lighting can have on a room, add lamps and lights to different areas of the room. Light up a dark corner, create a reading area or highlight a piece of wall art.


Buying new furniture or replacing flooring could be projects that would break the bank. Slipcovers are an alternative way to update a sofa, loveseat or chair. Area rugs and accent rugs can revive a tired looking floor. Adding colored and textured pillows to an otherwise dull couch can also brighten the room with little cost.

Window treatments

Replacing your window treatments can dramatically update a room. Choosing a different type of fabric is one idea. Choosing a completely new style of window covering, such as switching from curtains to shutters or blinds, will definitely make a noticeable difference.


Change the room color and you can create an entirely different atmosphere in a room. You can paint an entire room, one wall as an accent wall or the ceiling as part of your makeover project. Even if you choose to go with the same or similar colors, a fresh coat of paint can really brighten a room.


By completing some or all of these projects, your home will look more updated and your budget will not be depleted from the makeover. Small changes can have a large impact on the appearance and atmosphere of a room.


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