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Home Lighting :Bring More Light into Your Home

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Home Lighting :4 Simple Ways to Bring More Light into Your Home

Many people struggle to bring enough light into their home, especially in winter months as the nights come sooner. So how can you increase the amount of light in your house or flat?

Nobody likes a dark house, but as winter approaches, the amount of natural light decreases. If you’re craving some time away from dim walls and shadows, you should think about these four methods for increasing the amount of light in your house.

  1. Make the Most of Autumn’s Natural Light by Cleaning Windows and Light Fittings


One of the quickest and easiest ways to allow a little more natural light into your house is to clean your windows. It’s easy to ignore the grimy buildup that develops, especially in built-up areas such as cities, but a quick clean can often allow more light in than you’d expect, as well as making your home seem brighter. You can also paint your walls in lighter colours to help natural light to pass through it.

home lighting

Even the most beautiful view will be foggy and dim through a dirty window!

Photo by Chris Waits/ CC BY


Cleaning can also be helpful when it comes to lighting. A lot of lights are prone to accumulating dust and debris. As well as being a fire hazard, the dust and grime get in the way of the light, making your house seem dimmer and dirtier.

Increase the Level of Artificial Lighting Inside Your Home to Brighten up Your Decor

Rather than relying on candles like our forefathers, nowadays there is a vast range of artificial  lighting to choose from. Whether you look for fitted lighting, such as ceiling fittings, or separate lamps that can be moved around the house, there are hundreds of options. Even just one or two extra lamps can turn a dark room into a bright one. If your lamps are looking a bit tired but you don’t want to replace them, consider looking for new lampshades or even painting the fitting to spruce it up.

Lanterns - fukumix

Lights needn’t be boring — try looking for lights that fit the theme of your room

Photo by fukumix / CC BY

You may also want to examine your bulbs if your lights aren’t as bright as you’d like them to be. Are you using old-fashioned eco bulbs? Some eco bulbs take up to ten minutes to fully illuminate and can give a room a bit of a gloomy atmosphere. If you are bothered by the dimness of your bulbs, don’t be afraid to replace them with newer models, keeping the old ones as spares.

Using more glass and other see-through materials indoors

A good way to make the best use of the light that you have is to allow it to pass through your house as much as possible. By using translucent or transparent materials, light can travel through your house virtually unimpeded and shadows are kept to a minimum. Perspex furniture is virtually see-through and are a great way to furnish your living space if you don’t have much space and don’t want anything too obtrusive.

home lighting
Glass staircases can provide a modern look while also adding light to your stairway

Photo by shop boy/ CC BY

Glass balustrades and banisters can help to lighten up an area that is traditionally quite hard to light: the stairs and hallway. Translucency also helps them to blend into the furnishings around them, fitting into different forms of decor seamlessly. They can also help to modernise an old-fashioned house without clashing with the current decor.

Adding Skylights Can Dramatically Increase the Amount of Light Entering Your Property

If you are keen to remodel your property, a great way to add light to your home is to add skylights. While it may seem drastic, skylights are perfectly angled to catch the sun and can be a fantastic way to increase the amount of light in your property.

Skylight - Anne

Photo by Anne / CC BY


Skylights are an attractive way to increase the amount of light in your property, but ensure that they are fitted by a professional; amateur fittings can lead to leaks or even permanent damage to your property.

Light is one of the best ways to improve your house and increase its value. If you are redecorating your house, you could do worse than spend some time thinking about what role light plays in your rooms.

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