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Home Lighting Ideas – Lighting design ideas for bedroom

Home Lighting Ideas – Lighting design ideas for bedroom

The main thing is to see what kind of effect you want to achieve. Everyone’s aesthetics are different. I can only explain the general direction and some notes from the perspective of the practitioner: the bedroom lighting (lohasled e26 light bulb) is roughly divided into the following :

Home Lighting Ideas – Basic lighting

If you design the position of the main light (ceiling lamp, chandelier, etc.), then it is your basic lighting. If you do n’t design the main light, then the lamp with downlight is your basic lighting. I personally prefer the latter. I ca n’t see the light but I see the light is what I ’ve always wanted. In my house, you basically do n’t feel the existence of the light, haha ​​.. …. Off topic …. The light can’t be too bright, I found that now the consumer wants to buy the brightest lamp, and the intestines are regretful the next day after the lamp is installed.

Home Lighting Ideas – Functional lighting

a: Human body induction bed foot lamp. This kind of lamps is more practical and avoids the problem of getting dazzling when you wake up at night. It is recommended to use a light color of about 3000K and the power control within 2W.

b: Bedside reading light. If there is a buddy who likes to read on the bed at night, you must consider reading lights. This type of lighting is not necessarily a chandelier or a wall light, but it must support direction adjustment. The color temperature is recommended to be 3000K, and the power recommended is 3- 5W, it is best to choose a lamp with a lamp cap, which is very convenient to repair and replace. Buy a large brand of light source, pure color temperature without hurting the eyes.

c: wardrobe light, never have to worry about finding clothes again, the human body senses. However, when installing this light, you need to think carefully, especially the switch position and orientation, otherwise it will be very embarrassing, you know. Color temperature recommendation: 4000K, power: 6-10W

 Home Lighting Ideas – Atmospheric lighting

If you have a ceiling in your bedroom, you can add downlights, and the light strip can also play a good role in atmospheric lighting. If there are decorative paintings on the wall, you can add spotlights to highlight the layering of the lighting.

The power of the downlight / spotlight cannot exceed 3W and the color temperature is 3000K. Remember that you cannot install it directly above the bedside. If you install two spotlights / downlights like this, I guarantee that your wife will not kill you.

If the bedroom has a TV, avoid downlights directly above the TV. The lighting in the bedroom is mainly about warmth, reasonable functions, and suitable brightness.

The color temperature is best to be warm. Combined with the actual decoration style, it is reasonable to match the suitable lamps. Don’t save that money when purchasing the lamps, especially for the light source.

Lighting. I hope it is helpful to you. I don’t like it when you see it here. If you want to learn more about lighting, remember to follow me. Interested friends can go to my personal center-article to see, there are many things about lighting. Knowledge allows you to buy a lamp without stepping on the pit.




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