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Home Heat Loss – Heat Loss Home Improvements

Home Heat Loss – Heat Loss Home Improvements


During the colder months, energy bills are on everyone’s minds as we begin to notice our homes becoming older. The average UK household spends £1,230 a year on energy, 50% of which may be wasted.

This new infographic from Cast Fireplaces gives some useful advice on how to stay warm without spending a fortune this winter

Over winter, energy efficiency is on everybody’s minds, and we all start to notice draughts and cold spots that are making our homes feel chilly. On average, UK households spend £1,230 a year on energy, and a staggering 50% of that could be wasted due to inadequate home insulation.

About one-third of all heat loss occurs through the walls, which is why cavity wall insulation is so crucial. You could save up to £275 a year by installing it, and some energy companies will do it for free – even if you’re not their customer. It also pays to hunt down much smaller culprits of heat loss, such as your humble letterbox, which could be channelling up to 27% of the warmth in the hallway straight out through your door.

If you have the option, consider insulating under the floorboards on the ground floor of your house, and making sure gaps are sealed. You can normally do this yourself, and you could save up to £95 a year in return for your efforts. You might also notice tiny draughts around your skirting boards; it pays to seal those, too. And if you suspect a draught around your windows, there’s a simple test: strike a match, blow it out, and see which way the smoke travels.

However you choose to heat your home, don’t risk huge bills this winter. Take action on insulation today. By spending a little on your home’s insulation, you could significantly lower your carbon footprint, and achieve significant cost savings on your bills as shown in this infographic from



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