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Home Design: 7 Ideas To Get You Started On Creating A Custom Home

Home Design : Get You Started On Creating A Custom Home

A home is more than just a roof over your head, it is a place for peace and happiness. We all want to feel relaxed when kicking back at home after a long day of work. We also want a feeling of pride in our home ownership.  By adding the right touches, your home can be uniquely yours. One that you will love to show off, yet also love to relax in.

Unique Tiling

Tile can really accent a room. Try adding rectangular tile to your kitchen instead of traditional square. You can even add tile to the walls of your bathroom, or as a back splash in your kitchen. Consider simple designs and colors to accent with so it doesn’t overpower everything else in the room.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is the best way to add the perfect finishing touches to any room. There is something about the addition of molding that makes a room feel truly “complete”. It allows the room to feel taller, and gives it more of a modern and clean look.


Image Credit - Alair Homes
Image Credit – Alair Homes

Custom Shelving

Shelves are great for both added storage and show. Try adding shelving in unique places. One great spot is underneath the staircase. Also, you can add built-in vertical storage anywhere you need that extra space to make your home uniquely yours. Adding shelving in a custom built entertainment center is a great solutions for all of your electronics and home décor.

Adventurous Painting

Paint is one of the simplest ways to really customize your home. Adding bold colors or an accent wall can be a great touch. You can even stencil certain walls for a modern look. Plus, stenciling can look like wallpaper but will be easier to change in the future. Consider using neutral colors in your home and painting one wall a different color for a fresh look.

Bold Statement Pieces

Adding a few pieces to your room can be a simple and inexpensive addition. Consider adding a colorful pillow to your couch with a matching candle on the fireplace mantle. You can also try some great curtains to accent a room and give it a classy look.

A Cozy Backyard

Homeowners often overlook their backyard. To make your home feel custom, create a space out back that you will enjoy. Add some comfortable seating, lights, and a fire pit to create an instant retreat on a summer evening.

Indoor Plants

Plants can be a surprisingly cheap way to add some character to your home. With so many options, you can choose plants that accent your decorating style. Some homeowners prefer freshly cut flowers, while others may prefer potted plants. Choose plants that are low-maintenance and easy to care for.


With so many options to choose from, your home can feel uniquely yours at a reasonable budget. Add pieces to your home at your own pace and you will soon feel pride in the space you have created. Enlist the help of a professional if you wish to do remodeling projects that you don’t have the expertise for.


Informational credit to Alair Homes.

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