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5 Ways to Make A Statement Piece Work In Your Decor

5 Ways to Make A Statement Piece Work In Your Decor

When it comes to home decor, many people prefer to play safe and go with the neutrals. Don’t worry if you fall in this group. You are not alone. There is no reason to deprive your home from the variety of amazing pieces out there, because you are not confident in your designing skills. While the bright shades and the quirky accessories are not for everyone, you can achieve stunning results with a statement piece that reflects your own personal style. All you need is an adventurous spirit and a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Make it Outstanding

The key to working with a statement piece is to have one item that will stand out and keep the rest neutral. When there are too many competitive elements, the decor becomes visually cluttered. If you are going through relocation, look for some interesting object in your possessions. Too many bold accessories will steal the attention and none of it will appear special.

  1. Find The Balance

Creating a balanced interior, especially when working with a dramatic piece is a major challenge. You need an element that will stand out, without being over the top.  The statement piece should successfully blend with the rest of the furnishing and wall colour. For example, you can incorporate a strong shade or an interesting pattern in a classic style. An element with a dramatic shape in a natural tone is another option.

  1. Use It as Guide

If you are moving house to a new place and design a room from scratch use the statement piece as a guide. Determine what type of statement element it is and combine it with its opposite. Is it new or old, wooden or metal, simple or complicated? You can mix dark and light, simple and sophisticated, organic and urban. These juxtapositions make the room appear more interesting. Try to tie up the decor by playing with complementing shades and repeating patterns.

  1. Turn it into a Focal Point

Usually statement pieces make a natural focal point. There are, however, certain secondary elements like mirrors, tables, nightstands. If you want to put an emphasis on them and really add a wow factor, you need to place them in a proper position. Pick the spot, opposite to the entry way in order to grab the attention of the visitor right away. If you are in the process of relocation, visit the new place before hand. In this way you can get some idea how you will arrange your belongings.

  1. Scale Matters

Don’t focus only on the single statement piece in your decor. Step back and look at the big picture.  Keep the scale and proportion of each element of your design in mind. Although creating contrast is a popular design tool, you shouldn’t place a large piece near a very small one. It appears awkward and ruins the balance. Plus, it’s not practical and makes the everyday life harder.If you are not moving house and need to improve your current place, check your furniture set up. For more moving ideas: Kensington House Moving Vans.


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