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Home Bar Ideas – Create On Your Own

Easy To Create Home Bar Ideas


It’s that time of year when all you can think about are life’s pleasantries and up and coming holidays. When you think about it, there’s hardly anything as amazing as this time of year – all that caroling, Christmas decorations, rosy cheeks and noses of your little ones and snow angels in the snowy lawn outside your front door! Your family is gathered, everybody is celebrating and enjoying the spirit of winter holidays and treating themselves with high quality foods and wines. Yet, when you look around your house you notice there is something missing – a home bar!

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Some Home Bar Ideas

Is it too late to have one built in? Of course not! In fact, the moment you feel it’s time you treated your lovely home with a stylish, sophisticated piece of interior is the moment you should have it installed!

Wine bars give the room they are set in that ooze of sophistication and charm. Plus, if they are placed in the living-room or kitchen, they are near the action so the host can both socialize with guests and make and serve amazing drinks. Having a bar as a part of your interior is pretty bohemian, so make sure it looks absolutely stunning!

If you are somewhat a handyman, you can build the bar yourself or you can have contractors and professionals do it.

A great thing about having a bar built in is that you don’t have to have a huge indoor space at your disposal. The width of a single cabinet is enough for a built-in bar to look astonishing. If you have a limited space, you can experiment with pocket doors hidden in the wall. They’ll still be great drink holders but won’t take any space when not in use.

If you are not space-limited, this probably means you’ll want to make something grand. You should know that, the bigger the bar – the more expense it’ll take to make it just right. Hiring professionals like interior designers, architects or contractors to build it may cost you bunch. Don’t forget about hiring a plumber for a sink and an ice maker, a tile setter to install a backsplash, a carpenter to construct custom cabinetry, an electrician to add outlets for a refrigerator and other appliances and of course – a painter to provide the finishing touches after the hammering is done.

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How long will it take to have the bar built in?

If you are wondering how long it would take to have a bar built in, experts say that it all depends on the size and complexity of the installment. If you are planning on making something big and tricky, expect for the project to take couple of months or more. However, if you are going for a simple design, it won’t take longer than a month.

What about the cost?

Like with any home improvement project it is understood that the price depends on the complexity of the project. You will be advised by experts on the types of materials to use, the finishes and everything else you need and it will be up to you to decide how much your want to invest into the whole thing. Don’t forget you’ll have to pay for labor of people working on this project. Expect a sum of about $9, 000 – and that’s if walls don’t need to be moved and there’s an existing niche where the bar could be placed.

What about materials?

As I have said before, you will be advised by the people you’ve hired on the type of material to use. Before choosing something, consult with professionals on how high maintenance those materials are. Usually, the higher the price of something, the more you need to babysit it. Remember that not all cheaper materials are bad-looking or lacking quality. After all, you want a material that’s easy to clean and something that won’t stain. You also don’t want something that will give you headaches each time you make a wine, lemon, lime, or other stain. Remember, you are building this bar to enjoy your sweet white wine, tequila, red wine, whiskey… and not worry too much!

No matter how enthusiastic you are about building a bar yourself, you should always consult with a professional on the way to do it. The last thing you need is starting a project warmheartedly and end up messing it all up!


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