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Use Hedge Plants to Fence your Yard

Modern times have brought in the problem of limited space and houses are getting built (almost) so close to each other that it is natural for you to feel that your neighbors are breathing down your neck. And if by any chance the neighbors are nosy, it becomes real hard to maintain your privacy. After all, it is not always possible to check whether the curtains are in place or the voices of the inmates are audible beyond the four walls. But an added pain is when some wandering drunk or escaping pet enters your yard.

In my opinion, timber or barbwire fencing is too old-fashioned. Fences made of hedge plants is a great solution to deal with these problems– it is a natural and economical way, and it also increases the appeal of your yard.

Soil plays a very important factor in determining how well the hedge plants will grow. It is always best to choose evergreen hedge plants which are native to your area. These will be more suitable to the weather conditions as well as have a better resistance against diseases. In case you do not know which plant will be suitable, you can determine the soil type with the help of a soil kit. If in doubt, you can always go with the most popular hedge plants like yew, privet and boxwood.

The effectiveness of the hedge fence depends on how tall it grows. If you are running tight on budget, you can purchase the small-sized plants as they cost less than the big ones. Till the plants mature and grow to their full length, you can install cane fences for the time being. These fences are cheap and effective in providing adequate privacy.

If you plan to decide this job yourself, I strongly stand against it. This requires a lot of hard work, and one needs to be extremely precise. The depth and width of the trench should be precise, the gap between two plants should be exact, and the entire structure should be in one straight line. With so much to consider, I believe it is better to call the professionals, and give them the chance the help you out.

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