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Handyman Tool Bag: Critical Tools for Building Your Stash

Handyman Tool Bag:

Critical Tools for Building Your Stash

Ultimately, a handyman’s or handywoman’s ability to solve problems is limited by their available tools. Beyond simple devices like levels and tape measures, there is some durable hardware you’ll want for a variety of jobs. Here are a few critical items to start with when building a tool collection.

A Quality Ratchet Set

For both home and automotive repairs, a great ratchet set is absolutely essential. Manufacturers like Stanley and Dewalt make fine ratchet sets with extensions and an array of socket sizes. Get a set that has both metric and standard sockets.

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A Power Drill & Bit Set

An electric drill is a must for any aspiring handyman. Though they cost a little more, cordless models provide greater mobility. You’ll need a tough set of carbide or cobalt bits from Richards Micro-Tool or similar quality manufacturers for the best results.

A Set of Screwdrivers

Sometimes, a manual tool like a screwdriver is preferable to a power tool like an electric driver. A good set of flat and Phillips head screwdrivers will be one of the most versatile components of any DIY handyman’s tool kit.

Adjustable or Locking Pliers

A solid pair of adjustable locking pliers can have hundreds of uses if you think outside of the box. Three or four pairs in a variety of sizes and shapes can fill in for many other tools in a pinch.

A Quality Claw Hammer

A shocking number of homeowners and would-be handymen don’t have a great claw hammer. This is one item where you don’t want to skimp on quality. Spend a little more for a good model and you’ll have a tool for life.

An All-Purpose Handsaw

While table and circular saws are no doubt convenient, they’re often pricey and only really good at doing one thing. A quality hand or hacksaw can get the job done in a variety of scenarios. Get several different replacement blades that boast varying teeth configurations.

An Assortment of C-Clamps

The humble C-clamp is one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world when you think about it. It can keep wood in place while glue is drying or act as a temporary fix for broken door knobs.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Once you’ve got the basics figured out, you can think more carefully about the next acquisitions. You can get all of the aforementioned hardware for a few hundred bucks. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, these tools are the smartest purchases a beginner handyman can make.

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