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Giving your Home a Facelift: How to Make your House Pop

You know what they say: A home is where your heart is. It’s the center of all family life, so of course everyone wants their home to feel modern and updated. In order to get the results you crave, you’ll have to put a little time and effort into the design concept. And, with a little careful planning on your part, you can liven up a dull space with a limited budget. Here are a few tips for adding panache to your hom

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#1. Never Underestimate the Power of Paint

Dingy beige walls scream outdated, so if you want to refresh and modernize a room, simply paint the walls with the right color. A gallon of paint costs a mere $30, yet despite its low price tag, it can do wonders in your home. The right paint color can open up the space and make it feel bigger, lighter and chic. Choosing the right color for walls can seem overwhelming due to all the shades there are to pick from, but the best colors are usually light shades such as lavender, light gray, beige, eggshell blue and mint green. Here’s another tip: Before painting, try to seal any cracks and holes in the wall for a smooth, professional-looking result.

If you’re repainting, you may notice other aspects of your walls – the windows. Getting new windows, bigger, wider, or just new and cleaner, can also make your home look incredible. Places like Samuels Glass offer a variety of windows to choose from that will help your home’s new facelift look incredible.

#2. Don’t Be Afraid to Play with Color

Long gone are the days when beige was the color scheme of choice. Nowadays, designers like to incorporate color in a home by using accessories like curtains, lamps, pillows and rugs. Adding small touches of color in an otherwise neutral space can make a dull room feel bright and cheery. In addition to playing with color, don’t be afraid to try patterns and textures because they add interest and help a home look professionally designed. If you need help with creating a vivid color scheme that doesn’t clash, try looking at home design magazines.

#3. Use Spray Paint to Add Modern Touches

Who doesn’t love a chandelier? However, brand new ones can cost a fortune and might not fit with the design scheme in your home. An easy, affordable way to add castle-like grandeur to a home is to give an outdated brass chandelier a makeover. For this project, you’re going to need two cans of matte spray paint in any color that you choose. Then, simply spray the brass chandelier with the paint and wait until it dries to hang it up. Spray paint can transform old desks, chairs, lamps and furniture in the blink of an eye and leave them looking modern.

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