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Garages – The Next Frontier

Garages – The Next Frontier

Your garage is home for the things you want to do, or a place to get away from things you have to do for a while. Since people spend a lot of time there, they’re doing more to make them real extensions of their homes.


Automation – Smart Homes Mean Smart Garages


Garages were originally designed as a space to protect expensive vehicles from being damaged by the ravages of outdoor weather. Protecting the car from the sight of potential thieves or vandals was another. Rust from rain and snow, fading paint and upholstery due to extended exposure to the blazing sun were all factors in home builders deciding that every suburban home should have a garage. An automated garage door opener is a great way to expand that protection from the weather to include ourselves in the process. And did you know you could use a smartphone to open your door? Today’s garage door openers come with apps that allow you to open and close it from anywhere.


While garages may have been designed for vehicles, most people use their garages for multiple purposes. For many, they serve as a storage unit for large or infrequently used items. Those who love do-it-yourself projects transform them into home improvement workshops, complete with tools and equipment. Some have decided they’d rather have an extra room for visiting relatives, or a beginning place of business. Many a fortune has begun within the walls of a garage. Since more people are spending more time in their garages, along with smart garage door openers, they want a smart door as well. That means a well-fitting energy efficient door that will help maintain a comfortable temperature without causing the heating bill to skyrocket. If this wasn’t enough, many manufacturers offer custom designs, designed specifically for you.

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Organization doesn´t require that you spend a fortune on organizational supplies. Simply drilling holes in empty tin cans will allow you to hang them on the wall and fill them with nails, screws, and other items you don’t want to waste time hunting around for in catch-all drawers. Empty peanut butter or jelly jars make excellent storage containers for screws, as well as providing great visibility for locating the right size.

You can utilize overhead space for large items that you may only use part of the year by installing a simple sheet of heavy duty plywood to the rafters. If you are in short supply of wall space that you can easily reach, maybe peg-board slides that fit vertically under counters are just what you need. Inexpensive PVC pipe can be cut and attached to the wall for an inexpensive solution to storing your garden tools like rakes and shovels upright. Hanging shoe racks can hold more than just shoes, too.

However, if you’re the type that loves new gadgets and space-saving inventions, there are plenty of new ones out there. For example, instead of using peg boards or tool chests, many people have begun using magnetic tool bars. The advantages are that the tools stay in place while all sizes remain visible and easy to access. It is now possible to utilize virtually every square inch of available space with the use of some great new overhead track and pulley system inventions. It´s also a great idea to section your garage according to items used for specific activities. For example, you could create a camping corner, a garden grove, and a tool township. If all of this still isn’t enough and you’re simply need more space, period, there’s a pretty neat solution – it looks like a miniature garage and it’s all about storing stuff you can’t fit elsewhere.



Garage doors have come a long way in terms of design and materials, which is great, because the garage door is huge compared to the front door. For people who have chosen their front doors and windows with care to look attractive and inviting, garage doors can even be made to match them. Materials include combinations of steel, fiberglass, and wood. These new types of doors come in a variety of designs, and even colors. Many homeowners are transforming their garage doors into artistic canvases. If you´re not an artist and don’t want to commission one, or you need a more frequent change of scenery, many companies manufacture artistic, and even 3D garage door covers. These have sometimes been referred to as ¨suburban camouflage¨.

Whatever your budget, you can take steps to make your garage an expression of what sparks your interest, your personal style.

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