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3 Ways Your Garage Can Increase Your Property Value

3 Ways Your Garage Can Increase Your Property Value


While there are many ways to increase your property value, adding a new garage or upgrading a current one is a surefire way to make your space more desirable. Read on for three ways garages add monetary worth to the current equity of your house and land.


Many times a simple garden shed just doesn’t cut it when it comes to corralling typical outdoor related items such as mowers, snow blowers, shovels, rakes, bicycles, outdoor toys, potting soil, gardening supplies, etc. Garages offer a way to neatly organize and also hide the straggly appearance of these types of items being visible in your yard. According to The Garage Door Co Ltd., the garage itself can also look attractive with a new and improved garage door, or new siding, if the garage is an existing structure.

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When potential home buyers see a garage, they also see options. A home with a garage garners the attentions of many potential home buyers with a myriad of interests. Some families may view the garage as a way to avoid renting a storage unit. Others may see it as the perfect rehearsal space for their band. It may be the perfect man cave or even an added space to use when hosting gatherings. Home buyers and appraisers alike feel that homes with garages are set above the rest of the comparable homes and properties in the local housing market.

Vehicular Costs

Homes and vehicles are some of the biggest purchases that individuals and families make. Having a Garage allows you to increase your property value while also offering the advantage of protecting another one of your investments. The garage can even double duty as both protected parking space or spaces, and storage areas. Garages also offer a clean and dry work space. If you are knowledgeable about working on vehicles or even lawn equipment but don’t have a space to work on them, you will most likely pay someone else to do the work that you could have done if you only had a space. Garages also offer privacy for projects such as restoring old classic vehicles and getting them back on the road again.

Garages are just an overall attractive incentive and addition for a home to have. They offer a private and versatile area to use as homeowners please, and they help to make the entire property look orderly and respectable. Even for a homeowner that plans to stay in the home for a while, a garage is a practical space that can not only be enjoyed in the present, but that will pay off in the future when the home eventually switches ownership.


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