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Front Walk: Cute Ideas for a Quick Spring Makeover

Front Walk: Cute Ideas for a Quick Spring Makeover
Spring is on its way, and along with it comes opportunities to enhance the look of your home. For an easy way to make a big impact, give your front walk a quick spring makeover. Your home will look more inviting for guests, and you’ll be happy to come home every day. Check out these ideas and start planning your next adorable project.


Create an Herbaceous Walkway

Imagine walking up to your home every day and enjoying the tantalizing scent of your favorite herbs. This is possible with some strategically placed stones and herbal plants. For a natural look, create a flagstone walkway meandering up to your entrance and place the stones far enough apart to provide room for plants to grow between them. Thyme, oregano, and chamomile are all good options to plant, as they provide ample ground coverage and are sturdy underfoot. With each step, you’ll release the wonderful fragrance of the plants.

Mix Your Materials
Think outside the box when planning your walkway and mix materials in a unique and tasteful way. Combining different elements gives your home character and personality. It also allows you to mix some expensive and inexpensive materials, helping you create the look you want on a budget you’re comfortable with. For example, use a geometric pattern to combine elements like bluestone, landscape rock, flagstone, and pea gravel. Just be sure to use plastic or metal edging to keep everything in place. When you have a variety it will give your space more dimension.


Focus on Flowers
Line your front walk with flowers on both sides, and you’ll have the most inviting house on the block. Not only will your walk look great, but you’ll cut down on your mowing time as well. Mix and match flower types, heights, and colors for a bright and cheery look. You can make sure you get a variety that bloom all summer long. If necessary, look into ICE Pest Control and Wildlife Removal if you find your flower garden becoming a playground for pests. Toronto pest control can make sure your plant types will accommodate only good insects.


Let There Be Light
Light up your walkway with solar-powered path lights. There are a variety of styles on the market today that are cute and delicate looking, yet strong enough to withstand the elements. Simply stick them into the ground along both sides of your front walk, and you’ll be treated to useful light and a beautiful glow at night.

By giving your front walk a spring makeover, you’ll boost the curb appeal of your home, and increase the value of your property at the same time. After all, first impressions are important, and your front walk is the first impression your guests will have of your home.



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