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Four Essential Elements of Timeless Interior Decoration

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Here Are Four Essential Elements of Timeless Interior Decoration

Interior design is much like fashion, in that it is often changing and evolving. Trends shift from antique to modern to neutral within a few months or years and often it seems difficult to keep up with them. As such, interior designers and home owners are now opting for timeless interior decor. Timeless decor means that it accommodates designs and elements that cannot be dated; they fit perfectly in to any trend. There are certain essential elements that people can use when creating this timeless look in their home.


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The first rule in timeless decor is keeping it simple. This mostly refers to colors and themes of rooms. The current trend in the design industry is color blocking. This trend can be dated and it will eventually go out of style. When it comes to painting walls and other surfaces, keep the colors simple. Choose white, cream, beige, black and light gray. These colors can easily be paired up with other items in the house that can bear bolder colors. These are solid colors that never go out of style.


Classic Pieces

The term classic is one of the best definitions of timeless. Classic interior design pieces are just the same as classic music; they are relevant in every generation. As such, one can opt to create an exquisite center piece that will never go out of style. This could be in form of Calgary custom furniture, a simple fire place and glass doors that create an illusion of outdoor space. Hand-made real wood furniture is an all- time favorite, since the designs are unique and interestingly fit every season.


Clean Patterns

Patterns are fun and tempting to throw around in every corner of a house. The problem is that they go out of style. In the case of kitchen counters and backsplashes, use materials that have minimal detail. The same goes for tiles and carpets on floors. Avoid patterns on seats and wall paper. Opt for fine lines on furniture and simple geometric shapes on all pieces.


Changeable Extras

It is better to have bold items that can be changed than keeping them permanent. If you want to add some spice to your interior decor, use changeable items such as lamp shades, pillows, throws and curtains. These items can be changed whenever necessary. When the rest of the room is kept neutral, they can be used to determine the theme of a particular space. The good thing about changing such pieces is that they will give the home a new appearance every single time.


Timeless interior decoration entails creating exquisite spaces without going overboard. As such, simplicity is the key to this kind of decor. However, note that simple does not mean boring.


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