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Five Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal You Haven’t Thought Of

While you may take a lot of pride in the interior of your home, an equal amount of time should be spent caring for the exterior of your home as well. To make your home the envy of everyone on the block, there are five ways you can improve your curb appeal that you may not have considered.

Drive Up on a Smooth Surface

Start by taking a look at your driveway. If it has cracks or holes, it can look unkempt and take away from the look of your house. A concrete driveway should appear white or gray whereas an asphalt driveway should be black. The overall surface should be smooth. If you have tried to repair cracks and there are unsightly patches, the best option is to have the driveway repaved. Neighbors will see the attention you put into the details.

Five Ways To Improve Your Curb Appeal You Haven't Thought Of

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Exterior Maintenance

The exterior of your home should be maintained and cleaned just like the interior. This means the siding will need to be cleaned using a pressure washer periodically, the roofing will need to be replaced over time, and the shutters and trim will need to be painted to look pristine. Nothing will take away from your home’s curb appeal faster than dirty siding, an old or stained roof, or peeling paint.

Spruce Up the Landscape

Landscaping can transform a dull, boring yard into an attractive, eye catching space. Flowers add beauty and color in the yard while trees and shrubs breathe new life into a landscape. Flower beds planted alongside the house can draw attention to the home and make the exterior look complete. A bare yard screams for attention.

Enhance the Lighting

Did you know that you can even use lighting in your yard? Of course, you can place lights on your porches or garages to help you see at night, but the lights you choose should work with the decor of the exterior of the home. Stylish light fixtures can be accessories for your home. You can also place spotlights in your yard to highlight flowerbeds or other architectural features on the house.

Stage Your Porch

Finally, you should stage your porch to look welcoming and inviting. Outdoor furniture, a few pillows, and some beautiful flowers and plants can spruce up the front porch area to add a stylish entrance to your home. You may even consider painting your front door a bright color to make it pop.

A little time and energy can transform your home’s curb appeal quickly. The results can often be as stunning as looking at a brand new house!

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