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Five Stylish, Space Saving Ideas for the Modern Home

space saving ideas

Space Saving Ideas For Your Home


Open floor plans, streamlined style and an abundance of natural light define today’s well-designed modern homes, but pulling the look off isn’t easy when your living space is limited. The secret to artful design in a compact contemporary home lies in savvy furniture selections, a stylishly simple color palette and slick storage solutions. Try these five space saving ideas to achieve a spacious style.


Canvass Your Color Options

The right color palette can transform even a tiny space into a stylish destination. Soft and simple color schemes are most effective. Pale shades amplify natural light and make small spaces feel larger. Start with a neutral backdrop and then add discreet touches of color like an artist applies paint to a canvas.


space saving ideas
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Vary Proportions

Resist the temptation to fill your modern space with small-scale furniture and multiple accessories that will only make the room feel smaller. Invest in a few designer pieces and showcase them with subtle accents. In your living room, for example, try using nesting tables instead of conventional end tables to accent a stylish sofa. They’ll help maintain a feeling of openness while providing additional surface space when you need it.


Dual-Purpose Furnishings

Make the most of every inch of space by choosing furnishings that serve dual functions, such as an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. To maximize functionality, seek out furniture with built-in storage compartments like a platform bed, bench or window seat. Prioritizing your home activities can inform smart furniture purchases. If you rarely use a desk at home, for example, opt for a dining room table that can serve that purpose as needed.


Materials Matter

Rooms filled with glossy surfaces reflect and magnify natural light, making interiors feel spacious and dynamic. Use decorative mirrors as artwork, as a table top or as the back walls of built-in cabinets or shelving to expand the space. Glass-topped tables visually disappear, creating the illusion of additional square footage.


Seamless Storage

Finding room to store and display your belongings without making rooms look cluttered is challenging enough in a small modern home. Maintaining the open, airy atmosphere that characterizes the contemporary style while simplifying moving and storage is even more difficult. One solution is to choose cabinets and shelving that blend in with their surroundings, which allows you to display your accessories without cramping your contemporary style.

While the space in your modern home may be limited, remember that your style knows no bounds. Let your innate creativity inspire space-saving solutions that express your unique taste and personality.

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