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Five Reasons Your Furniture Should Be Given Priority When It Comes to Interior Design

A remodeling project or room makeover gives you the chance to infuse your home with a fresh and fabulous style. In the excitement of contemplating color palettes and floor plans, it’s important not to lose sight of the room’s most essential components, the furniture. No other design element is so critical to the comfort, style and functionality of the space. Here are five reasons why choosing the right furniture should be your first priority.

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A Place for Everything

Nothing disrupts the look of a room like clutter, but it can be challenging to find storage space for all the items you use in your daily life. From a buffet that houses your holiday dishes to an ottoman with hidden storage that lets you stash your favorite magazines out of sight, furnishings keep your belongings accessible while keeping the distracting clutter at bay.

Function First

Whether it’s watching television with your family or getting ready for work, your furniture should support and facilitate every activity in high style. Furniture functionality begins from the moment you walk in the door and toss your keys on an entryway table and ends when you switch off the light on your nightstand at night. The right bedroom sets can set the tone for your room while giving you the comfort you need.

Comfort Counts

It’s easy to fall in love with the look of a sofa or side chair, but if it’s not comfortable to sit on, the seating will just take up space. Furniture that eases your aching muscles at the end of a hard day or that soothes you to sleep is more valuable than an uncomfortable antique, no matter how stylish. Your furniture will be more likely to please you over the long term if you select pieces with comfort in mind.

Scaled for Style

When it comes to furniture, size matters. It’s vital to select pieces that not only fit the scale of the room but that suit those who inhabit the room as well. Furnishings with mass add visual weight to a room, but can easily overwhelm small spaces.

The Art of Cohesion

Whether you love an Old World look or a sleek modern style, the furniture that you choose significantly affects the mood and atmosphere of your home. Whatever decorative style you prefer, coordinating the colors, patterns, finishes or textures of your furniture selections will lend an air of cohesion to space.

Eye-catching wall treatments and artful accessories may enrich the look of your interiors, but when it comes to your daily comfort and convenience, it’s the furnishings that make your house feel like a home.

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