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Feng Shui Tips for Your Bathroom

Feng Shui principles are meant to regulate the energy flow within your house, and provide for a more comfortable and healthy living environment, and there is no room in the house that needs this kind of approach more than the bathroom. So if you intend on modifying your bathroom in accordance with the ideas prescribed by Feng Shui, read on.

Keeping it Clean

This piece of advice has as much to do with Feng Shui as it does with common sense and cleanliness. Bathroom is the filthiest place in your house, with an abundance of bacteria, and if you are not careful, even mold, which is why you have to make sure that you are keeping it as clean as possible. However, make sure to do a bit of research on cleaning agents that you are using, as a lot of them are quite toxic and harmful for both you and the environment.


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Installing a Night Light

Addition of a night light to your bathroom can do wonders for its energy levels, especially if you supplement it with the addition of some plants (which need to be placed above the level of the toilet). You should keep the light on constantly, and might even want to consider installing a water fountain to enhance energy levels.

Ventilation and Light

It would be ideal if your bathroom had a window which allows the daylight to shine through, and that would provide for natural ventilation. Full spectrum bulbs are the second best option when it comes to lighting, if there is no window, and as far as ventilation goes, you should make sure to open the door every once in a while, and possible install a fan.


Mirrors are commonly used in Feng Shui due to their ability to circulate energy and enhance it. While you should definitely have several mirrors in your bathroom, make sure that they are placed in a way which prevents any of them from reflecting the toilet, as this could end up multiplying the dirt energy that stems there. If you can see your entire body in the mirror while you are on the toilet, you might think about relocating or removing that mirror.


Toilet is the main source of the dirty energy in bathroom, especially during the flushing, as the sucking motion drains the healthy energy. To prevent this, you should keep its lid down whenever you can, and keep the toilet as far away from the bathroom door, to keep the dirty energy from spreading into the rest of your house. Ideally, you’d have your toilet set up in separate room from the tub or shower, but simply placing a small partition between it and the rest of the bathroom is also an acceptable alternative.


Feng Shui principles rely a lot on the elements, and there is no need to explain how bathrooms are strongly associated with water element. Water is also linked to money, which is why having a water fountain in the bathroom is thought to be able to promote the circulation of the prosperity energy throughout your house.


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