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Fashionable and Functional Home Office in 5 Steps

Fashionable and Functional Home Office in 5 Steps

Home office became a huge trend in the recent years. And why not? It gives you more flexibility and personal space. Let’s be honest. Not all people like the office environment. Working at home provides a practical solution. Tackling your daily job in the comfort of your home may sound like a dream come true. In reality, many people struggle to self – manage their time and tasks.

Image - iStockphoto
Image – iStockphoto

Lack of self – organization may be one of the reasons, but the environment also plays huge role. If you don’t feel like you are on work, you will be probably less diligent. Therefore, your working area at home has an impact on your productivity.  Apart from the basic cleaning and maintenance, you need to pay extra attention to the design of your home office. Here are five ideas that will minimize the clutter, preserve your place in order and provide you with aesthetically pleasing working space.

  1. Choose The Right Desk

Picking up a working desk is a tricky endeavour. You need to consider how you are going to use it and where you will fit it. Some professions like illustrating require more flat space. Think of your working habits and what you keep on your desk.  In terms of design you have various options. Depending on the available space you can get a large desk, a smaller alternative or other appliance that can act as a desk such as a shelf. Pick a piece that blends with the overall interior. Speaking of furniture, it’s worth investing in a good chair. It is as important as the right desk.

  1. Pick a Location

Not all areas in your home are appropriate for a home office. Choose a place with a lot of natural light and a great view. Position your desk near a window. Be sure that sunlight doesn’t reflect on your computer screen.

Image - iStockphoto
Image – iStockphoto
  1. Have Enough Storage Space

The storage solutions are vital to keep your working area neat and organized. You may not work in a conventional office, but your desks tend to get quite messy. Make cleaning easy by having a place for everything. The type of storage units will depend on your needs and your work.  If you picked a desk without drawers, think of options like open shelving and baskets. You have infinite amount of choice when it comes to size, colour and function. Hit the flea market for some antique solutions. If your work involves multiple tasks, you will probably need a place for notes. You can get a corkboard, chalkboard wall or a simple canvas as long as it suits your home. Take advantage of the wall space by adding some vertical files.

  1. Stay Wireless

Computers, routers, printers and other device can create a clutter. Cleaning out those wires will make the space more spacious and coordinated.  Hide the chords that can get on your way. You can do your own wire organization solution or buy it.


  1. Add Lightening

Although it has considerable role in every working area, lightening is often dismissed. Despite the regular overhead, you also need a desk lamp. You can also add accent lightening, but this type has purely decorative purpose. For more domestic cleaning tips: Vacuum Carpet Cleaning Services in Wimbledon.








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