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Family Home Facelift: 5 Inexpensive Fixes To Make Your Home Look Newer

Whether you are preparing your home for sale or you simply want to love the place you live, you may have noticed that your home is looking a little run down. The truth is that even average wear and tear on a place can make it look older than its time, but a little bit of attention can really make your place pop again! Take a moment to consider these five basic quick fixes that will help your home look younger than its years.

Family Home Facelift

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Take a look at your tub and the caulk around it. Even if you are relatively good about keeping your bathroom clean, caulk will get grayish and yellow over time. This is something that contributes to the darker and grungier look of your bathroom, so be willing to tear out that old caulk and put in some new.


Take a look at your driveway. If you live in a climate that gets both cold and hot, you are dealing with at least some damage. Driveways get worn over time, and you will discover that repouring or at least resealing your driveway will help it look great. Because concrete driveways & foundations need regular maintenance, you should plan on resealing your driveway every couple of years. This is definitely one of those things that add to curb appeal.


When you want to make sure that everyone looks at your home with the same eyes that you do, consider brightening things up with better lights. Many bulbs will start to dim as they get older, and you will discover that in many cases, you don’t have the maximum wattage in in the first place. The brighter your bulbs are, the more airy it will make your home look.


A fresh coat of paint is always a must when you are looking to sell, but it can really brighten the look for your home in general. Think about a fresh coat of paint in the living room to brighten up your living spaces, but don’t forget that you can also do some really good by painting your front door and your lintel. First impressions are important, and a feeling of cleanliness and comfort here can make a lot of different.


Nothing looks as nice as a clean house, and if you have been letting some of those landscaping chores go, now is the time to catch up! Mow your lawns, cut down dead bushes, trim your trees and get rid of any lawn furniture that you are not using. A clean lawn is something that can have a real effect on the way your home looks.


When you want to make your old home look new again, consider these steps to get you where you need to be!

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