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Extreme Makeover: Tips to Get the Job Done Faster

You love the home improvement projects you undertake, but do you often find them taking a lot of your time? Of course, with so much to do around the house and so many ideas brimming in your head, you need your projects to finish quickly, so you can move on to the next one. The job can easily be done faster if you follow some basic tips as mentioned in the following points.


Painting Tips

Always wear latex gloves and apply lotion, cooking oil, or baby oil on the skin to ensure that the post paint hassles are minimal. The lotion will stop the paint from sticking to your skin and the gloves will protect your fingernails and the area under them. If you have to use the same paint can the next time, because you have some left over, use aluminum foil. A narrow strip around the can’s rim will make sure the can doesn’t seal itself shut. It will save a lot of time and annoyance the next time you paint.

 Extreme Makeover Tips to Get the Job Done Faster

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

While fixing the toilet, often the screws from the new toilet get lost on the floor, making you waste a lot of time in lowering the seat back again, and looking for them. The best tip to save time is to use 2 straws, and put them like a sock over the screws. Voila! When you are working, you can easily spot the long straws, instead of the tiny screws and will save you some time.


Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Keeping the kitchen working is important, because it is one of the most used parts of the house. While replacing the latches of your kitchen cabinet, it is important that they are lined up accurately, or the cabinets would not close properly. After attaching the ‘male’ part of the cabinet latch, screw two snipped off sponge parts in the holes in the ‘female’ part of the latch. Put some antacid liquid on the sponges, and snap the parts together. Now, when you close the door, the antacid liquid would give you two dots, for exact and accurate attachment. When drilling, you can use some masking tape or painter’s tape to ensure that there is no splintering on the surface. Make sure you use the right Senco parts to get the job done quickly.


Outdoor Cleaning Tips

Outdoor cleaning of the pool, deck, and patio area can be quite a hassle and takes a lot of time. The best way to deal with this is to have a quick fix cleaner. There are many brands available, and you can put them in your garden sprayer as per instructions. In fact, most of these products also prolong the life of your furniture. Use a spray type bottle with a pump-up head for best results. Instead of scrubbing, you can rely on these sprays to make your life easier.


Finally, make sure you use top quality tools and parts from reputable websites like for best results. When you have the right tools, and the best tips, getting your home back in working order is no trouble at all.

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