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Evolution of Kitchen Appliances

Evolution of Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen is the essential part of any residence and we always desire to utilize newest kitchen appliances to store and cook food. Everyone enjoys a tasty meal. Kitchen appliances were introduced to make life easier. People are still working on innovative designs and methods to speed up the process of cooking. In recent years Kitchen appliances have evolved a lot but we can’t ignore the value of conventional kitchen tools which are the base of latest appliances.

Have a look at some of the popular appliances:

Barbecue – It was first used in 1800, Barbecue was first used in Florida, and it is commonly used for preparing barbecued chicken wings, pigs, meat and other such food stuff.

Toaster – The first toaster was invented in 1893 by Alan MacMasters in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was first used in Scotland. It is used for toasting bread. Depending upon the requirements they are of different types simple toasters, pop-up toasters, toaster ovens and conveyor toasters.

Pressure Cooker – In 1864 Georg Gutbrod manufactured the first pressure cooker in Germany. Pressure cookers are used for cooking food more quickly. It is a multipurpose utensil. It is highly energy efficient and a multipurpose utensil used for cooking.

Popcorn Maker – Popcorn maker was first used in 1885. It was first used in Ohio. They can be commonly seen in movie theatres and carnivals. It is used to pop popcorn.

Evolution of Kitchen Appliances

This infographic, brought to you by Globe Packaging, revolves around popular kitchen appliances. Go through the same and share the knowledge.

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