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Evolution of Home Security Systems

Evolution of Home Security Systems


Home security systems, in one form or the other, have been used throughout the history. As humans began living in societies, they realized the need to protect themselves and their properties. There was a time when moats and armed guards were used to protect homes. Gradually, people started developing door fixtures, locks and keys to keep their homes safe.

The Greeks invented the door locks way back in 700 BC. As the centuries rolled by, security systems became more complex and advanced. Whether we talk of lever tumbler locks or stock tickers, many types of security systems were introduced that made it easy for people to ensure the safety of their homes.


In today’s technology era, a wide range of home security systems are available in the market that can make your home a safe place to live in. Setting up a home security system is an effective way to get rid of worries about thieves and robbers. These systems can effectively prevent the burglars from breaking in and ensure security of your family as well as belongings.


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