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Essential Tips for Greening-Up Your Bathroom

Essential Tips for Greening-Up Your Bathroom

Since environmental awareness became increasingly important part of our society in the past few decades, green home improvements are not that unusual occurrence. Still, this eco-friendly agenda usually ignores one of the most frequently used places in our homes, and that is the bathroom. Yes, no matter how much you took care about insulation, double-glazed windows, and other upgrades which are supposed to make your house more sustainable, if you skipped the bathroom, your efforts might just have been futile. So, be sure to not make such mistake and use these five tips to green up your bathroom properly.

Swap Your Toilet for a Low-Flow One

Since approximately 27% of all water consumed in your home (washing machine included) is being used by your toilet, it is obvious that it should be the first item you should take care of. Although low-flow toilets gained some bad reputation for the very underwhelming results they provided, technology became much more refined over the past few years. Modern low-flow toilets are able to provide ample flushing power for just the fraction of the water you would use otherwise. They are not expensive, either.

Lower the Electricity Leaks

Although you are using it rather sparingly in the bathroom, over some prolonged period, energy wastes can become very evident, so same rules apply as with the rest of the house – Do your best to minimize the electricity leaks. Warm LED light bulbs, which can glow in the same pleasant ambient color as incandescent bulbs these days, are perfectly good place to start, and energy-efficient vent fans, which can save you up to 60% of energy more than older models, are a great follow up. You can also try separating loads of laundry by its color and washing it severely soiled to further reduce energy involved.

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Install One of the Low-Flow Showerheads

Most people are taking very short showers, with usual breaks when water is not absolutely needed. These short, five-minute shower bursts are, on their own a great way to reduce the water wastes and keep your home green. Still, there are other people who like their shower time quality and long. If you are one of them, installing a low-flow showerhead is absolutely necessary. You will not only reduce the amount of water you are using, but the energy consumed while heating, as well.

Choose the Motion-Sensor Faucets

If you are considering yourself eco-friendly, we are sure that you are doing your best to keep water waste on minimum. We are also aware that, it is very hard to keep a close eye on absolutely everything, especially while you are multitasking before going to work in the early morning. That’s’ why you should install a motion-sensor faucet and leave a duty of watching is the water properly turned off to someone else. In a recent conversation with plumber from inner west Sidney, we found out that, by doing that you will keep your bathroom cleaner, and prevent spreading of germs too.

Change the Way You Clean the Bathroom

It goes without a saying that chemicals we are using to clean up our bathrooms are not the most earth-friendly products out there. Fortunately, there are few ways to make green substitutions in your own home. For example, you can mix 2 cups of water, few drops of natural soap, 15 drops each of lavender and tea tree essential oil, and 3 tablespoons of vinegar to get one capable all-purpose disinfectant. You can also make your own after-shower cleaner by mixing three drops of tea tree oil and two cups of water into the spray bottle.

As we can see, greening-up your bathroom is neither hard, nor expensive. Even if you are not very concerned about the environmental issues, these simple upgrades can save you a lot of money in the long run, so you can come out as a winner regardless of how you are looking at this situation.

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