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It’s All About the Entryway: 6 Modern Upgrades for a Better Atmosphere

6 Modern Upgrades for a Better Atmosphere

The entrance to your house is the key element that visitors use to form their first impression of your home. If you have neglected to update your entryway, you can be sure that the atmosphere in your home will reflect just that. You may only be able to select a few of these updates, depending on your budget and the exterior design of your home, but just a few changes can make a big difference.The following ideas can bring it up-to-date and make it an eye-catching detail of your home.


Walkway and Steps

Repairing a cracked walkway and chipped steps can improve the curb appeal of your home significantly. Opting to update a concrete walkway to a stone walkway can make the path to your door more impressive. This is something that you might be able to do yourself with a little help from your local Home Depot store. Try sprucing up the front walkway with a little tender loving care.


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Add Architectural Detail

You can draw attention to your front entry and make the exterior of your home more architecturally interesting by adding an overhang to the front entrance. Its design such as an arch or a well-defined square or triangular overhang should complement the exterior design of your home. A bumped out entrance or the addition of a bonnet-top can make a dramatic difference in your entryway.


Doors and Windows

Replacing an outdated door is an easy upgrade that will make a noticeable difference. Choosing to add a nice Northern Comfort door that adds a little something extra is a good move for a more positive atmosphere. Side lights or a top transom will further enhance your entryway but you can really go anyway you want with this. Some homeowners even opt for an elegant over-the-door window to add natural light to their entryway.


Front Porch

The addition of a front porch will alter the overall appearance of your home. The porch railing should coincide with the exterior architectural features of your home and be in good order. Adding a porch with swing or chairs will make your home look more expansive and increase its curb appeal drastically.


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The walkway to your door can be enhanced with pathway lights. Various types of lighting are used within a home to create specific types of atmosphere. The same can be done with outdoor lighting. You can update your entry way lights by selecting various types of modern lighting designs. Sconces, an overhead light, post lights and step lights are options to consider.


Update Entryway Details

Updating small details can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your entryway. You can individualize your exterior decor by choosing uniquely styled house numbers, a mailbox with a design that makes it a statement piece and decorative items hung on, beside or above your front door.


Whether you upgrade your entryway one step at a time or take on a major upgrading project, the finished project can make your entryway more attractive, more noticeable and something to be proud of for years to come.

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