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Energy Saving Tips – Save Money & Energy at Home

Here are some energy saving tips for your residence –


The damage that your energy wasting can bring you is double fold. First, you may spend a lot more money than you expect and that is always a good reminder on how to spend more rationally. The second thing is the ecofriendly approach to the way of living. Reducing your energy spending reduces your bills, but it also reduces the ecological footprint of your home. Here are some of the ways that you can kill two flies with one hit. Actually, a several different hits, but with one aim – saving energy.

Electronics and electrics

Here are some of the little tweaks in the usage of your electronic and electrical devices that will save little one by one, but in the end the whole saving will be significant. Lights, computers and all sorts of devices should be in power saving mode or turned off every time you leave the room for more than 10 minutes. Lower the temperature of your water heater to 100 F. Use the thermostats for all the heating in your home and lower it to the temperature that is at least one degree lower than it was before. Day to day, month to month, you will save significantly. Also, when you are using the dishwasher, make sure that you don’t use the drying program and air dry the dishes.

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A lot of heating or cooling is emitted through the walls and windows if they are not insulated properly. When that is happening, the appliances and systems that are working extra hard, because their thermostats are telling them that the temperature is not right. Windows should be insulated or replaced with those that are airtight and that fit perfectly without any holes or imperfect closings. Sometimes, you can use the insulation tape that you put all around the window. It is a bit spongy so that it can be pressed and shaped a bit by pressing, so it ensures that all windows fit perfectly and that they don’t let the air go out. Also, another very good investment is insulation of the walls. This is usually done by a professional and there are many options for these. The whole idea is to use the material on the entire surface of the home so that the heating and the cooling systems don’t have to work that hard, and in that way save money and energy.

Eco Friendly Appliances

For every single appliance, you can find the option that is ecofriendly in every way. These ecofriendly options usually have the option of saving energy and working with less water or less power or they save in some other way. Sometimes, it means that they will wash your clothes a bit longer or on a lower temperature, or that your dishes will not be dried, but only washed, but that is just right. It means that by having a little bit of patience, your monthly energy bill we reduced significantly and your footprint will also be smaller. You can also think about alternative sources of energy. They may be an investment at first, but they pay off soon enough. These depends on the area you live at. Solar panels, windmills, and other ways can reduce your costs. You may not be able to go entirely ‘green’, but you may find these ways of energy just enough to take care of water heating in your home, or just AC. Even if one thing is solved by them, it still counts a lot and reduces the bills significantly.

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Energy Saving First Aid

All these things mentioned above require a little bit of investment, but there are things that can be done right now. You should try and use the washing machine and the dishwasher only at night. There are hours when the electricity is much cheaper and you should take that chance for heavy spenders in your household to use it then. Besides that, if you don’t have the ways to buy insulation for the whole home, at least consider using rugs on the floors as they are doing a good job with insulating the floor.

There are many ways that you can save the energy in your home. Therefore, if you pay only a little attention to this, you may expect a lot lower energy bill and significant savings in the end of the year.

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