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Enclosed Patio: Design Considerations

Enclosed Patio: Design Considerations


There are very few things that help a person relax more after a busy day than sitting in a patio sipping a favorite drink and letting thoughts drift away or having a pleasant conversation with family or friends. That is, if the weather allows it. On the other hand, why not make sure that those moments are an everyday stress relief routine, regardless of the weather? Enclosing a patio makes it perfectly feasible. Take into account these design considerations and create a rejuvenating spot for the entire family.




Enclosing a patio is a serious constructional project, make no mistake about it. This is particularly true if you wish to turn it into an all-year-round room, practically equal in importance to all other rooms of your home and certainly one of the most attractive ones. What type of roof construction would you like to use, what kind of windows would suit your needs best and what flooring will be most suitable are just some of the questions that need to be answered before making any final choices. Naturally, before you start doing any construction work, make sure your paperwork is in full order.


Roof considerations

When roofs are in question, there are two principal approaches, either it will be a continuation of your house roof in terms of material and style, or it will be a completely separate design. Continuation has its advantages in achieving a compact overall appearance but you have to make sure that the profiles you plan to use for the patio roof perfectly match those used in the house. This could be problematic thou if you have an older house. If you plan to use a different design altogether, do not go overboard, the patio is supposed to complement the house, not appear as if it does not belong there.


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Proper windows make a dramatic difference between a good enclosed patio and a great one. Make sure you maximize the surface area they cover and make the best of natural light available. When the type of glass is concerned, custom double glazing windows impose themselves as the best all-year-round solution. They are great insulators, which will come in very handy during both hot summer days and chilly winter nights, saving your money on bills, plus they provide great noise reduction, making your relax time more efficient and your parties unburdening for the neighbors.



Again, there are two possible roads that can be taken. First, you could opt for screening, which is fairly easy to set up since it comes in rolls and is fitted together using staple guns. On the other hand, if the climate conditions demand a brick construction, by all means use it. Insulation would be a smart choice here as well since it will make the use of patio more pleasant. What is more, brick walls will make sure that patio is literarily a continuation of the main house.



Flooring is an area of various design possibilities. All these options, from concrete to deck tiles and brink and stone flooring have their pluses and minuses. The best approach would be to study them in detail in order to make the right decision, both material and budget wise. Also, the design you will choose will have to match or be matched by walls and roof options you decide to go for.


All things considered, everything starts with careful initial planning, which needs to be followed through every step of the design process. Take your time, ask the experts for advice or help if you are uncertain about anything and you will surely enjoy the final product and time spent in it for years to come.


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