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How to Increase the Efficiency of the Air Conditioner

How to Increase the Efficiency of The Air Conditioner

The efficiency of an air conditionermostly depends on the way you maintain the unit. Neglecting this factor for any reason would result in you paying more for the repair and replacement. One of the easiest and best ways to maintain your AC is to transfer the responsibility to professionals. This way, you can optimize your AC’s efficiency and continue enjoying it for several years to come.

Tips to Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Maintenance of air conditioner involves maintenance of various parts of it like filters, compressor coils, fins, etc. While you can execute some of the tasks on your own, some arebest done by professionals.

Change Your Air Filter

Filter is an essential part that plays a significant role in yourair conditioner’s efficiency. Most often, it accumulates dirt and debris that obstructs the airflow in and out of your AC unit. You will have to clean the filter once every two weeks and replace it at least once a month.

There are some people who don’t take adequate care of their AC units until it stops working. The reason could be as simple as a dirty filter unit, which would block the incoming cool air or outgoing warm air from your room. This would cause the AC unit to work harder to achieve the desired temperature due to which the compressor strains and eventually, stops working. Making your AC get overworked would also increases your energy bills.

You should try to find if your unit has a replaceable filter or reusable filter. You may either refer to the manual or consult an AC servicing professional in Parker.


Check Your Air Ducts for Leaks

If the duct of your AC unit has a leak, the cool air that runs through it would seep into unwanted corners of the walls. However, such air conditioner problems cannot be figured out other than the symptoms of you not have the desired cooling effect. It’s best to call AC repair and maintenance professionals in such cases who are well-equipped and trained to detect such duct leakage and rectify them swiftly.

In case you opt for the annual maintenance contract, you would have experts visiting your home on a regular basis to inspect the entire AC unit, clean it, change filters, inspect the ducts for leaks, and more. This would help you to identify problems well before they actually arise and do the needful to prevent them from getting out of hand.

Keep/Clean the Air Conditioner

While it’s important for you to clean and replace the filters at least once a month, you shouldn’t forget the evaporator coils and condenser coils that accumulate dirt over the months. All these cause your AC unit to work longer to produce cool air, thereby increasing your energy bills. Annual maintenance would include routine checks and cleaning of your entire system including the coils, which would help increase your AC unit’s efficiency.

At times, the aluminum fins over the coils get bent and block the airflow. An expert technician, At Parker Service Company Parker would be able to identify and troubleshoot any such issue within minutes of inspecting your air conditioner.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Every Year

Energy-efficient air conditioners are always a result of the right combination of a high quality brand and good maintenance. You should hire highly skilled and trained technicians in Parker areato take complete care of your air conditioning unit if you want to it to perform at its optimum.

By opting for an annual maintenance plan, you can ensure comprehensive care for your AC unit including:

  • Cleaning and replacing the filters and coil units
  • Inspection of the entire unit for leaks or breakage
  • Inspection of ducts, seals, and refrigerants
  • Verifying electrical input into the system
  • Checking the thermostats


So, if you want to reduce your energy bills and make the most of your investment, ensure proper care and maintenance of your AC unit to increase its efficiency.



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