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Easy Ways to Improve your Lawn

Easy & Interesting Ways to Improve your Lawn

Have you thought about boosting the health and looks of your lawn? If you have, you are probably wondering what the most effective ways to do that are. Well, the answer is quite simple and it will impress all the owners of large lawns. You don’t have to buy most expensive pesticides and fertilizers or to water the grass surfaces all the time for these procedures could have numerous disadvantages. Here are some of the most crucial steps you should take into consideration.

Aerate the Soil

The first and one of the most important steps is aerating of the soil. This term refers to punching holes at the lawn, which are supposed to be three inches deep. This process will make it possible for water and air to mix with the soil.

Over time, soil becomes compacted, not allowing the essential nutrients, air and water to be absorbed. Also, some soil micro-organisms that play are immensely important cannot live in such conditions.

There are several helpful methods used for aerating your lawn. Firstly, if the lawn is large, you can consider using an aerating machine, which is very effective. If you have a small yard, you can use some of the tools specially designed for such purposes, like handheld aerating tools or lawn aerator sandals. Their use and design are very simple and they will definitely serve the purpose.

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Use organic fertilizers

As you probably know, fertilization of the soil is one of the basic procedures that will enhance its productivity and health. Fertilizers nourish the grass, help its roots to reach deeper into the soil and stimulate the growth.

It is scientifically proven that organic fertilizers have more beneficial effects that the synthetic ones. They stimulate the growth of grass and provide it with important nutrients. At the same time, they are eco-friendly, thus they contribute to safer and healthier environment for your family.

Reducing thatch

Thatch refers to the dead grass and its roots that are piled up at the surface layer of your lawn, causing numerous problems. First of all, if such layer is thick it will represent the obstacle for the air, water and nutrients to reach the root of the grass. Such soils usually become a natural environment of numerous pests, which will result in their intolerance to herbicides and pesticides and cause various diseases.

The process of removing thatch is quite simple. If the thatch layer is thin, you can remove it by raking, while if it is thick, you will probably have to rent a mechanical dethatching machine.

Cut the grass properly

Cutting grass is also one of the most important aspects that make your lawn tidy and beautiful and at the same time, boost the quality of your turf. However, setting the blades of your lawnmower too high or too low has never been considered a good idea. The way of mowing depends on the grass species and the quality of the soil. However, commonly used way of mowing is setting the blades higher than two inches, which will enable you to maintain healthy roots and avoid droughts.

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Water Your Lawn Properly

Whether you have a large or a small-size lawn, you need to water it regularly. However, people usually misjudge this entire procedure, considering it too simple. If you think that it is enough to turn the sprinkler on once in a while, you are extremely wrong. Turf requires special care and treatment. The first thing you need to consider is watering your grass deeply. It is suggested that you water your lawn with an inch of water.

If you don’t know how to estimate when to stop watering, you can apply this very simple test. Take several plastic containers that measure about one inch and place them on various segments of your lawn. While the sprinkler is on, you need to observe the containers and turn the sprinkler off when you spot that most of them are full. That will help you to water your soil equally and deeply.

You should also keep in mind that the lawn shouldn’t be under or over-watered. Watering it on a daily basis can cause many problems, which again depends of the climate conditions and grass species. If you decide to undertake the abovementioned procedure and water your grass deeply, then you should water it just once in a week. An inch of water will be more than enough for your grass to be healthy and fresh.

There are various ways to water the lawn, depending on its dimensions. Sprinklers are a perfect solution to small and medium-size lawns, but they cannot be that effective when it comes to the large surfaces. For such lawns, you should use an automatic watering system, which is very precise and beneficial.

There are numerous possible ways of giving your lawn a boost. Following these steps and suggestions, you will certainly improve your lawn’s quality and provide your entire yard with a tidy and dazzling landscape.




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